Setting the Table and Other Homemaking Disciplines

Today I set the table for dinner at 3:30 pm.  Granted my husband has been getting home between 4-5 lately.  But nonetheless, it was much earlier than normal.  Normal meaning like I usually set it two seconds before we are about to sit down.

It does not take a lot of work to set a table for two.  At the very least we just need plates and usually a fork.  But today I decided to put preparing for dinner before whatever else I had to finish that afternoon.  Because either way, the table had to be set.  And by setting the table before I sat down to work again I decided that my homemaking role was a higher priority to me than whatever else I would have gotten done at that moment.

I used to have homemaking more on the forefront of my mind.  Between busyness, more things on my to do list, and the growth of this blog, this blog about homemaking has kept me from spending as much time on being a homemaker as I used to.

And while this is the season I am in, some things I like while some things I don't, I am in this season and cannot expect it to be identical to the past.  So today I set up slow cooker fajitas so that I could spend the day working.  I even grated the cheese before I set the table.

I have begun to repeat a sense of hectic-ness at dinner time.  Scrambling to get everything done while greeting my husband when he comes home and trying to tidy up whatever I was working on (more for myself then my husband).

While I take more on my plate I am learning to adapt, I am learning to be focused but also to make things like prepping for dinner a priority earlier in the day so I can work in the afternoon without having dinner prep lingering in my head. 

I learned that the spirit I have in my home effects me a lot.  I have learned that I do not want to feel stressed over things I love or find important because I am not prioritizing well.  So just like working out, having a quiet time in the morning, or whatever other discipline, I am more likely to make it happen if it starts early in the day.

So tomorrow if the table is set by 7:00 am, you will know why.  Because in my heart my home life is a priority and so through my actions I want to make sure that shows. 


  1. Thank you Ash - I needed this reminder today. I am often stuck into something when my hubs walks through the door and it's not right and not fair! x

  2. Oh I LOVE this. The choices we make definitely reflect our priorities, just as tweaking deliberate choices can redirect our hearts. It is two-fold, just like the Bile says. (thoughts & actions are so intertwined.)
    Beautiful post, as always. And the word "discipline" implies so much, but you do it lovingly. Which is the whole point. Thanks Ashley. xoxo

  3. I agree with you... I read a different book as a newlywed but the message was similar, and it stuck in my head: "there is something demoralizing about lying down in an unmade bed." Why would I want to create a demoralizing atmosphere? LOL Plus, my husband travels for work a lot and stays at really nice hotels. We all know good those rooms feel at the end of a hard day, so I have always wanted our home to feel even better. I always want the spaces I create (both physical and emotional) to be the BEST he feels, etc.
    Of course, there are days when letting a few things go is necessary, but the longer I live a disciplined homemaking life, the fewer and farther between those days become. The rituals we keep set the stage for contentment. xoxo

  4. I completely get it. I literally can focus better when the bed is made. Something about having one room clean and off of my to do list that frees me to turn my energy and attention elsewhere!

  5. I don't know what it is. It is so hard for me to turn my attention away from something I am in the middle of. I have learned it is so much easier to plan to end my work day at a certain time instead of let it linger so close to dinner time.

  6. I learned long ago that without discipline I am such a distracted unfocused woman! I know the word does not resonate the same way for others but for me I need the discipline in order to live out what I desire from my life. Glad to know you can relate! ;)

  7. That is exactly what I do too but then often his home time will alter and then I get lost in my tasks too - always a good reminder x


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