Love Slows Down And Listens

Early into quarantine I found myself so anxious. Constantly checking the news. Zoning out on social media. My husband and children were looking for my attention. So one day I broke down and realized that I needed to love better. To listen better. And what a change it has made.

I mourned the losses. Feeling sad that we had just moved to a new state again and things finally started to feel normal before this all happened.

But then I realized the things I once cared about months ago, didn't seem to really matter anymore. Priorities have shifted. I have let go of a lot. And instead I have poured that hope and love into my family. And how rewarding it has been.

Our days aren't perfect. But they are a whole lot better. Even lovely. Because I have learned to slow down and listen.

Back in March, I shared some thoughts on how family quarantine was going over at Mabel and Moxie. You can read the real life testimonies of moms and how they are surviving during this strange time here (scroll down to #12 for mine!).