Bandana Bib Tutorial

About three months in to having our son we found out he was a serious drooler.  It was actually when we were traveling cross country and it was so bad I had to order bibs on Amazon to get shipped to our hotel because we were going through the few bibs we had rather quickly.   

It wasn't until just recently that we do not have a bib on him 24/7 (at 14 months).  Even then, we still use one whenever we go out.  All babies are different.  Some are not droolers.  But if you have a serious drooler like we do, then this is for you.

We found that the bandana bibs we ordered on Amazon to be our favorite.  Cute patterns and a good bandana cut.  They were more absorbent than the other ones we had.  The only problem was right at the neck, the white decorative pattern was sticky on his skin. 

He eventually developed a rash (partially due to also having our first cold east coast non-California winter!) that lasted months.  We used the other flannel bibs I had made during the day and they seemed to work well but I wanted a bandana style for whenever we went out.  So this tutorial is a combination of our two favorite bibs - the cute bandana style and the flannel skin/excema friendly version!

The green bib is one of the ones I purchased on Amazon.  I used this bandana and one other as my template.  I pinned them to flannel fabric and cut around.  I gave myself a pretty generous seam allowance so the bigger size just resulted in a larger bib that has worked out fine.

Once I had the pattern side cut, I pinned them to a neutral piece of fabric to cut for the back side.

With patterns facing each other, I sewed around the edges leaving one section open to pull the fabric inside out.

Once flipped around, I sewed along the edges for a finished look.

I used this set for the snaps:

And like that a giant collection of stylish and absorbent bibs were made!

He gets lots of compliments on them.  Often they get referred to as scarves by strangers.  But fashionista Titus doesn't mind.  You would think out here in the country people would know a bandana when they see one!  But it's cool.  We don't mind being the trend setters around here.

Basement Guest Room

When we were looking for a home in Virginia one of our top priorities was having a space for our California family to stay in.  After browsing a few homes we came to find that many of the homes here had basements (something that was not as common where we lived in California).

We loved the idea of having a whole floor designated to our guests.  Having visitors come for a week or more sounded lovely, but the idea of a little space for all to breathe sounded even better!  We love our family dearly but having them stay with us for long lengths of time was going to be a new experience for us!

Now that we have had visitors multiple times I have come to find that we would have been just fine in smaller quarters.  We are just so thankful that they take the time to come see us.  But they definitely do appreciate the comfortable space to themselves.  Something I was so worried about for myself has actually turned into a luxury instead for our guests.  We want to keep them coming so we strive to make their experience as wonderful as possible!

We ended up really lucking out that this house fit all the criteria we were looking for in a home including a finished basement (with newer carpet!).   

To furnish the space we purchased a Saatva matress and bed frame - the same as what we bought for our own bed but in a queen size.  We then found a neutral and fairly inexpensive headboard on Overstock.  The bedding is all from TJ-Maxx.  I tend to repeat things I like so I printed out some botanical prints like we have in our master bedroom.  And we purchased the same Ikea side tables and Target lamps as well.

Our sectional couch that we purchased a few months before we moved ended up not fitting well in our living room.  So we were able to order a section of the couch that is the opposite side to our set up so that it would fit (I apologize if that doesn't make any sense!).  Of course we had to get it shipped from California which was not cheap.  But it was cheaper than buying a whole new sectional.  And honestly we really loved our couch and wanted to make it work plus it was so new it just felt wrong to not enjoy it a little longer. 

And though inconvenient, it allowed us to use the piece we no longer needed downstairs in the basement for our guests.  It ended up all working out pretty well!

Since we do not use the basement as regular living space, we don't spend much time down here.  So I wanted to bring in a little green without having a live plant to care for.  This little faux succulent in combination with the botanical prints add just the right touch of green.  We also found a smaller round coffee table for our living room allowing us to move our old one down to the basement.

My goal for this room was to make it feel sort of like a hotel suite so providing a separate space to sit besides the bed feels really nice.  We joke that we just need a little kitchenette and then we could rent the space out!

On the other side of the couch is a corner that trails around to the bathroom.  I use that space for working out.  Next to it is the door that goes out to the backyard.  Again, I am repeating some of the looks I like in the rest of our house with these World Market hooks, a hat, and baskets.

In the basket I leave a pair of sandals in case I need to go outside when I am down here.

This beam in the middle of the room limits some of the configuration of the space but we were able to work around it.  The basket by the couch is from World Market and it holds extra blankets.  We have the same one upstairs in our living room as well.  They come in three sizes and are very affordable for baskets of that size.

Brent really liked the idea of having robes for our guests so when we found these four at TJ-Maxx we had to get them!  They come in size S/M and M/L.  We used this kitchen bar from World Market to hang them.  I had originally bought it for our dining area but didn't end up using it after all.  It ended up working out perfectly for the basement!

We also leave out this garment rack that we had from our yard sales back home.  Since we use the storage in the basement for all our junk, this rack has worked out well for allowing guests to hang some of their clothes.

The door in the basement opens out to the lower patio of our backyard.  The cell phone reception is not great down here so it seems like the patio space is mostly used for gaining a few bars!

We have started to collect travel magazines and flyers for local tourist spots and keep them in a basket for guests to rummage through.

The basement bathroom recently got painted (thanks mom!).  And one of these days we will get to the rest of the basement.  But it was a turquoise blue before and the white calms it down quite a bit.

Another basket serving as some large scale art.  All the bathroom fixtures seem fairly new and up to date.  The only thing we changed out was the mirror which we already had from our old house.

The same white waffle textured shower curtain from Target that we used in our old house now is being used in all three bathroom showers.  I have been really happy with it the past seven-eight years so I continue to go with it!  Much like our beloved white Ikea curtains, I believe them to be timeless, neutral, and bright.  I change out things like art and throw pillows.  But the larger pieces I like to keep the same.

In case you notice, we do not have a toilet paper holder at the moment.  The one on our main floor broke so we borrowed the basement one.  Getting a new one is on my to do list before our next guests arrive in a few weeks.

The towels are similar to the towels we use for ourselves.  They are from Target and are nice and plush.  One of our guests recently commented on our "hotel style" towels.  That obviously made me quite pleased.  We wash them with bleach and on the sanitary setting and they seem to be holding up well. 

Can you tell I was talking on the phone while taking these pictures?!  Talk about multitasking.  When the baby is sleeping I am very focused on getting my to do list checked off...while still catching up with a friend! :)

I really love the feel of this bathroom.  I love the bright white with touch of shimmer and natural texture.  I would like to try to give our other bathrooms the same look.

While it is hard to be so far away from our loved ones, we do feel really blessed to experience this different dynamic of having them visit.  The time together is so special and we are lucky enough to be able to also do a lot of site seeing while they are here.  Providing such a warm and welcoming space for them means so much to me. 

When it comes to hospitality, the last few years have been about parties and having people over for dinner.  And now in this new season it is more about having house guests.  I enjoy both in different ways but the simpleness of preparing a room and planning dinners fits well in this season of new baby and new home.  It can still be tiring in other ways but just as rewarding if not more.

Making a House a Home // Intentional Beauty

As we have settled into our home it is interesting to see how certain things make it feel like home.  I love a well styled house but it seems to take a combination of things to make it really feel like home.  Of course I love to have a few home decor items that are on trend but it is the personal and sentimental items that seem to give our home that unique touch.

Many of these types of personal pieces are photographs.  I also love using favorite quotes or sayings around the house that focus on the spirit of our family.  While many of the things we have bought for our home are decorative, I believe that many of it tells a story.

I have a friend that I knew growing up from church youth group who I haven't seen in years.  But thanks to the beauty of social media we have kept in touch over time.  It is always fun to see friends from the past pursue creative dreams from afar - much as I have through blogging.  We seem to have a shared passion for cheering each other on as we create beauty in different forms.

My friend Sara from Ezra Creative Co. (formerly House of Ezra) is rocking it in her creative biz.  She specializes in hand illustration where she creates beautiful handmade signs and prints for the home that bring that personal touch.  She just relaunched her business where you can find her beautiful designs now also in the form of greeting cards, calendars, and journals.

I picked out two signs from her shop to add to our home.  One is the family established sign that I have pretty much been wanting since my husband and I were dating!  I always wanted one of those "established in" signs but never found one I completely loved.  Well almost eight years later I finally have one!  Better late than never, right?!

The sign is currently hanging in our laundry room.  I have yet to share about this space because I was waiting to get it painted.  But life happens (as I mentioned on Instagram) and I am happy to share it in it's current form.  Because we should all be enjoying our homes even in it's imperfect state (like holes in the wall)!

Our laundry room connects our kitchen to the only bathroom on the main floor of our house so I wanted to make it look nice since it gets a lot of foot traffic.  It was only in my dreams to actually have a "styled" laundry room!  And sort of out of necessity it actually happened!  When I get the chance, I will show you the entire space.  But for now I love this little corner with laundry and cleaning supplies amongst our new sign.  It is a nice balance of pretty and practical.

The second sign is really special to me.  This verse from Philippians 4:13 has sort of become my life verse over the last two years.  It first really hit me when we found out I was pregnant with our son.  Though we had been wanting to start a family, the thought of actually going through pregnancy and labor terrified me.  Not knowing what to expect reminded me to cling to strength that can only be found in the Lord.

Then nine months later, I survived child birth and we had this new tiny human to take care of.  Again, I turned to this verse.  The late nights of pacing back and forth in his room trying to get him to finally go to sleep were rough.  I chanted this verse over and over in my head.  At the time I even tried looking for this verse in art form to hang up in our son's room but couldn't find anything I liked!

Then a few months later we decided to move our family cross country!  As we settled into our new home away from family and friends I kept telling myself - "I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me!"  The first few months were especially hard and even now I often need this reminder when working through hard days or fighting through discontentment.

So all this to say, I am so happy to finally have a permanent place for this verse in our home.  While the last two years have been especially challenging, I am sure I will cling to this verse again when another new life season is thrown our way.

While our homes can be beautifully styled, it is sometimes those subtle reminders that actually get us through the day.  When the two collide, you know you have found a winner!  Intentional beauty is what makes my house a home.  And I am so grateful for the beautiful work Sara is doing in helping people like me get those messages up on their walls.

You can find my two signs here: FAMILY ESTABLISHED | PHIL 4:13 FRAMED SIGN

Let's help Sara kick off her first week of her relaunch with a promo code just for Domestic Fashionista readers! Use code: DomesticFashXEzra for 15% off your order!  This offer is good through 10/18/17.

Here is just a little look at some of her darling illustrations:

You can see more of Sara's work here: Ezra Creative Co. | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

This post was written in collaboration with Ezra Creative Co and all opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting brands that help make this blog possible.

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