Before And After: Hiding TV Cords

The easiest before and after I have ever done - and it only took me over a year to figure it out! The TV cords hanging from our TV always drove me crazy. Due to the placement of the fireplace, it is not a simple project to wire the cords through the wall. So while my husband promises he will fix it for me one of these days, I decided to find a temporary way to cover up those cords! 




With a little strategic placement of a frame and plant, those cords are now out of sight. I also hide a lighter behind the frame for our fireplace.

This is one of those simple projects that proved to make such a huge difference. I am so happy!

DIY Basket Chandelier

I have been wanting a focal point chandelier above our bed as we do not have any ceiling lighting. It did not necessarily need to have light as we use lamps in the room.  Just something pretty to look at and fill in space. 

So after perusing Pinterest I decided I would find a basket to hang. Many of the ideas linked to either baskets that were no longer available or really expensive ones. So I thought I would come up with my own design.

I found a round shaped basket at HomeGoods and brought it home. It didn't have quite the weight I wanted so I grabbed this shell chandelier I had but wasn't using (that we purchased on our honeymoon in Cancun!) and hung it from inside the basket.

It was starting to look better but I needed just a little more. I tried hanging my felt ball garland I use on our fireplace and it was just the look I was wanting. So I used two strands of these wood bead garland on Amazon and used white twisty ties to tie them on.

Then I had my husband cut off the wire handles and my DIY was complete.

By no means anything fancy but I am very pleased with my little basket chandelier hack!


This Mother's Day


This Mother's Day I am thankful for the mothers...and women...who are in the weeds with me. The ones who aren't afraid to admit things are hard. Who open up about their struggles and in the midst of it are trying their best to love and be present no matter the circumstances.

I am better because of these women. They hold me up when I am feeling down. They celebrate with me with genuine joy and not comparison. Friendships look different these days - in the midst of motherhood and moving. 

But these friends of mine - who live in different states and different time zones. Who have babies, big kids, children who are now grown, or maybe no children at all. Spiritual mothers, mentors, and soul sisters. They are just a text message away. A note in the mail. A prayer lifted early in the morning. And a hug when we finally reunite. 

Even when years pass, I am beginning to find my tribe. They may not be able to bring over a meal or come sit on my couch - but they are in my heart and I am in theirs. And when the days are long and the years are short, I carry them with me as I take on each new day.

Today I celebrate the women in my life who nurture and care for me in ways that remind me they understand. They have been there or perhaps admit that they haven't. But they offer compassion and love to lift me up. 

Thank you my friends. Happy Mother's Day. You are an amazing mother and friend.