31 Days of Serving My Husband: The Devotional

What if you were to dedicate a month to bettering your marriage?  I bet your marriage would improve and I am confident your heart would be softened.  And all this for much cheaper than a therapist and less likely to stick to your hips like another tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Whether you are a starry eyed newlywed or celebrating your thirty year anniversary as empty nesters, I encourage you to never lose sight at working on and growing in your marriage.  Bonded with this partner for life, your marriage can be a blessing to you, your husband, and even to others instead of a burden that it sometimes feels like.

Of all the things I have learned in my marriage, the biggest choice I have is whether or not I choose to let go of my own selfishness and seeing my husband as an opportunity to serve.  Our marriage thrives when I make it a priority.

In 31 Days of Serving My Husband, I share stories of encouragement, healing, and joy as I pursue making my life with my husband the best it can possibly be.  You will find ideas on how to show your husband love, advice on getting through tough times, and the reminder that you are not alone.

I understand your sorrows and celebrate your joys, as a fellow wife and friend.  Join me as I dig deeper into my own marriage to remind us both of the passion and happiness we can have in our marriages.

This ebook is a collection of all the posts from the series published on Domestic Fashionista compiled into an easy to read book as well as brand new content including encouraging scripture and study questions for each day!  Perfect for doing on your own as a daily quite time or as a study with a group of women!

Whether you are in a season of trials or a season of thankfulness, this book is written for all women desiring to better their marriage.  There have been many women who have come alongside me and my marriage through the years who have offered well needed encouragement, support, and love when I questioned where my marriage was going.  I hope that this book will serve you in the same way.

Some of the chapters include:
  • Baking Cookies is Not Always Enough
  • Being His Support
  • Looking the Same Direction
  • Pinpointing Distractions
  • Taking Care of Yourself
  • Celebrating the Small Things
  • Saying Yes to Intimacy
  • Setting the Atmosphere of My Home
  • Being My Husband's Friend
And much more!

When you purchase this ebook (as a pdf download) or the paperback you will receive a book full of stories, tips, encouragement, and inspiration to better serve your husband and grow your marriage.  This book includes all posts from my series, reworded for a book format, as well as brand new content including daily scripture and study questions.

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Praise for 31 Days of Serving My Husband: The Devotional--
31 Days of Serving My Husband opened my eyes to how I can approach everything in my marriage with a heart of service. I now see how serving my husband is a privilege and a calling.  Ashley shares her heart for having a healthy marriage and encourages women to love and serve their husbands well.
At first glance, you might think that this book should be bundled with an apron, rolling pin, and a time machine back to the 1950s.  Serving my husband??? Is this lady a throwback to another time when women were expected to look pretty, make sandwiches, and shut up?  Whoa, Nelly! Before you get all high and mighty, let me tell you that I’m a total feminist, and I loved this book.
Ashley knows what she’s doing, and it’s brilliant marketing to get people talking about the title and then slipping in her powerful message.  Her uniqueness comes from her dedication to her marriage. She knows that a partnership takes work, and she’s serious about putting in the effort. That means focusing your attention to what truly matters.  

As Ashley says in the introduction, “I can plan a beautiful birthday party, get a new area rug, and come up with my next best ice cream recipe, but if my marriage is not being taken care of first, the rest of these things seem to not matter so much.”  And maybe that dedication is something missing from a lot of marriages.  Serving her husband is about remembering why she got married in the first place—because she fell in love! It’s out of love that she gives her husband the attention and care he deserves.
The Bible tells us to honor our husband and this series really illustrates some very practical ways to do just that.  Ashley gently challenges us to rethink our priorities by serving the man God gave us to love in ways that will not only make him feel honored but will, no doubt, inspire him to cherish his wife more deeply as well!  I thought this book was very well written; it covered attention to details in my relationship to my husband that I had previously overlooked and left me eager to follow the simple ideas offered!  I am confident readers will come away encouraged to serve the Lord by serving her man after reading this book!
Truthfully, I have learned so much from Ashley’s candidness on difficult topics like finances and intimacy.  I enjoyed her book SO much because of how honest, real, and applicable it is.  This book is a beautiful testimony of what God can do when you put Him at the center of your marriage.
Modern feminism is a complex and fascinating topic. And the word serve has gathered lots of negative connotations in our society. It has somehow become synonymous with martyrdom and subjugation instead of love and joyful fulfillment. If you have a bitter taste in your mouth with this topic, I warmly encourage you to read Ashley’s full devotional, particularly Day 5. She is a young woman, college educated, and freely choosing her lifestyle. She debunks the ideas that marital service equals slavery… just be exuding so much joy! And she points time and again to motive and Love, not score keeping or obligation. It’s really beautiful.
-Marie, The Lazy W
I felt like each chapter was written for me, and as I read I was amazed at how I could have written each and every word. I feel exactly as Ashley does - knowing and exploring where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and acknowledging where I can improve as a wife and serve my husband in the best way possible. The best feature in this book are the added words of Scripture and engaging questions at the end of each chapter. Each chapter tells a relevant story, based on Ashley's experience and advice - all which involves you to dig deep within and think about your own way of serving and being an intentional wife. You will be surprised at how well you can relate to each and every one in some, small way. The scriptures and references to the Word follow - and these show how not only do we want to be this perfect wife but how God intended for us to be this wife too.
 -Caley, Ellie Love
I love Ashley's humble heart that is willing to love and serve her Husband and share it with the world.
31 Days of Serving My Husband challenged me to be a better wife. I've been praying more about what I can do for my husband and for our marriage - as a result of Ashley’s encouragement.

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