Sew What?

I took a sewing class this summer at the local junior college. My eyes were opened up to a new world of sewing and fashion. I had an awesome teacher and learned sew...much! Now that I have some more free time I have been able to get in some little projects here and there. Here are my pillows sew...far.
I also really looove aprons. Here is my first of I'm sure many more...
I also thought I'd post my final garment for the class. It turned out pretty good for my first big project and I am very proud. As you can see I also made a matching hair piece for our "runway show" we put on. Too much fun! I hope to sew some more clothing but it takes so much longer than a pillow! I feel so accomplished when I can whip together a pillow in less than an hour. Oh well, I will eventually get to more clothing one day...

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