Getting Organized

I love finding new recipes from magazines, the food network, friends, blogs, and anywhere else I can rummage one up! Do to this obsession I had a huge stack of computer printed and torn out magazine pages in need of some serious organization. I decided to put them on 3x5 cards, undecided if I wanted them in a recipe box or binder. After much thought and pondering, I fell upon a company that makes vinyl recipe sheets for binders. The spectacular part is that they made pages for 3x5 cards, four per page (0r 8 back to back). This is the first place I have found with such a thing as so many other types are only for larger cards, two per page, or come with their own specific cards. As you can see, this was quite the find as my collection is full of cut and pasting on the cheapest index cards I could find in the store! Sometime last week, I finally got all of the recipes on cards and was able to put them in the vinyl pages. I also bought some plain binder dividers to organize the different types of foods. It feels good to have a sense of an already organized place for when the recipe obsession continues! Lol. Now, if only I could catch up on the scrapbooking... ;)
I tried to include photos from the magazine cut outs for a good visual. For recipes that were extra long, I taped multiple cards together to make a dropping accordion type card. No wonder it took me so long! But so worth the effort. I love how I can clearly see everything and have easy access. Plus the cards are kept clean when not in use as opposed to the recipe box. I am pleased with my find. Does anyone else have any tips on how they organize their recipes?