It's raining painted furniture

Well it is actually raining...our first real Fall rain here in sunny California. Makes me want to curl up with some hot cocoa and watch You've Got Mail! But anyways, yes, more furniture. It just doesn't stop. I went to an estate sale last week and they had a ton of stuff. But not just a ton of stuff, but a ton of stuff I wanted! I struck gold. It was like the Wal-Mart of estate sales. A one stop shopping experience! lol! I decided to paint everything white this time after being inspired by a little boutique I recently visited. Everything in her store was distressed and white against her lightly blue painted walls. I LOVE this look. Eventually I would like to paint a few walls blue after all this furniture craziness! For each of these I just sanded them once, painted a few white coats, and sanded the edges again to give it a distressed look. After some wheeling and dealing this is the proud final product:
Here are some panels that are hanging over the couch in the living room. As you can see by the door handles, they once were sliding door panels for a cabinet of some sort. I love how they have really awesome architectural detail creating one of a kind artwork.
I picked up some more chairs. We used them for Brent's birthday party and they looked SOOOOO good with the black chairs mixed in. I was inspired by some dining tables I saw online that mix and matched black and white chairs of different designs. It came out looking really good!
Here's a close up for Ms. Michelle who loves toile! ;)

In the kitchen with a barrel of apples from our recent trip to Apple Hill.

This chair is so cute as it is slightly smaller than all the others. Reminds me of Goldilock's and the Three Bears. This would definitely be Baby Bears seat!

This is a hutch that I have had but neglected to post because it is missing a handle. The handle size is different from most standard handles so I haven't found the right one yet. Deciding that only God knows when that will eventually happen, I might as well post it now! It also has some Fall decor. I also found another hutch, double in size, at the estate sale. They gave me an awesome deal because I talked to a lady who really didn't know how much a big piece of furniture like that is worth! Later another man who was much more in tune to the worth of things was like, "wow, that's a great deal!" He didn't push going for a higher price so I left with a real deal.

Thank you to everyone and their kind comments about all my painting projects. I have gotten a lot of questions about how to do everything. I was new to painting when I started all these projects and look what I have done! With a little patience and some creativity, you can make yourself a home that is personal and unique to you. And that is something money can't buy! Happy painting!

"Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something of it after it is found." -James Russell Lowell


  1. OH MY GAWD! Those chairs turned out BEAUTIFUL..especially the toile. ;) I really need to get myself some paint cans and just go to town on something. Anything...maybe my cats. Ha! I love those wall panels too. I love distressed white (or shabby chic as some call it). Thanks for posting them! I was waiting ever so patiently. :)

    Happy Halloween!


  2. The chairs are beautiful. I love the toile and black and white prints!

  3. I love, love, love the toile seat covers! I think I'm finally inspired to recover my chairs thanks to you! I've been wanting to do it, but couldn't figure out what fabric to use.

  4. Hey girl! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and also filling me in on how you painted your table and chairs. I so appreciate the help! I had thought of painting my table and chairs black or a chocolate brown and hubby just HATED that idea. So I brought him over to your blog and said "See hun, something like this." And he insisted that we paint our table white and chairs black! He liked yours so much. So thank you!! Hoping to do it sometime this week...before the snow flies! And also, oh man, haha, I have been watching "You've Got Mail" nonstop for the last two weeks. My husband is ready to boot me out the window. "Not that movie again" he says and gets even madder when I quote it word-for-word.


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