"I Can Make That" Party

Chris at Just a Girl is hosting an "I Can Make That" party to share ideas for holiday gifts. I have already found sooooo many great ideas from other ladies who are posting awesome crafty projects that are actually super easy. You will want to check them all out. As for me, I made these festive little trees last year that I saw at Starbuck's and thought I'd pass on the idea. These were super easy to make and can be made in a variety of ways to create your own unique look. I bought two different sized Styrofoam cones and a few pieces of snowflake scrapbook paper. I cut the scrapbook pages into squares, tearing the end that would hang off the tree. I then hot glued them in rows, overlapping each time, starting from the bottom. I then used little silver circles that already came with a hole in it (confetti?) and drew snowflakes on with a silver permanent marker. A great variation would be to use beads or little jewels to add a little bling. I then wrapped a small piece of wire to secure the circle and poked it into the Styrofoam. I then found a small star tree topper and hot glued it to the top. I also hot glued a small candle holder to the bottoms to give them height.
Here is Starbuck's version. I like how they overlapped more giving the tree a heavier feel.
Some close ups...

Here is a wreath they also had at Starbuck's, made in a similar way. I didn't get to making this one but thought I'd share it as well. I'm laughing remembering the bartistas looking at me, this crazy lady taking pictures in Starbuck's of their holiday decoration! lol.
I also recently saw this apron at the store and liked the idea because it looks soooo easy!
Just sew or glue some ribbons and buttons on to make a cute little tree. I am thinking this would be really cute on a pot holder or kitchen towels.
And one other craft I have been wanting to make. You can find these cute mobiles at Pottery Barn. The moment I saw this I knew it would be super easy to make and I could pick the colors based on my decor. I am thinking a shimmery chandelier for the dinning room table or bedroom?
Happy crafting. I am off to the craft store now... ;)


  1. Very good job on the tree! I had to take a second look at the Starbucks one, because I thought it was yours. Good Job!

  2. These ideas were awesome! I love the mobile from Pottery Barn! I'll be tackling one of these for sure!

  3. Great ideas. I have the perfect place for those trees.

  4. Ooh, lovely, and something that the crafty challenged like me could accomplish!

  5. ooohhh! I love that shimmery chandelier thingy. You just gave me a great idea. I have two styrofoam cone topiary things I got at a yard sale for 25 cents sitting in my garage. I knew they would come in handy one day...thanks!

  6. I looked twice and three times at the starbucks christmas tree. Great job!

  7. Wow, great ideas. I like the trees, I need to do something for our church and this would be a great and easy thing to do with different colors you would have quite a beautiful mix of trees. Thanks so much for the great ideas.

  8. What a great idea and so cute! I haven't ever seen anything like these before.



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