Making Things Merry and Bright When Your Budget is Tight

The Nesting Place is hosting "Your Garland is Showing" extravaganza...I decided to join in the fun with my recent garland work. Now you will need to check out the other garlands because mine are not nearly as extravagant...but I do have a lot and I tried to make them work on a tight budget...So here they are...

Tis the season to decorate like Martha Stewart...except I don't quite have the money like she does. :( I found myself getting discouraged this last week over Christmas decorating. I did not have the giant luxurious tree or crystal shining ornaments...things just didn't look quite right. After giving myself a break for a few days, I decided to tackle the decorating again with a more positive spirit and frugal attitude. I do not have the money of luxury but I do have the skills and creativity to foul you all! Lol! I hope to encourage those of you feeling this same way and give some crafty tips on how I made my tight budget bring Merry Christmas cheer that Martha would be proud of! ;)
I started with a GIANT spool of glittery red ribbon (think Costco/Sam's Club), my fabric scissors, some garland, and floral wire...and went to work...
A simple porch plant makes a statement with sweet little red bows...
My "fall" apple basket is transformed with some pine cones and fake poinsettias...for extra sparkle use a little spray paint...
My absolute favorite so far was transforming the porch with some simple bows and garland. I attached the garlands with wire and I had an automatic porch makeover...sure to make the neighbors jealous!
Working myself inside the house, I found a this cutie at the thrift store, lit and all! I added some candy canes and a little ribbon to make a sweet entry way welcome.

Added a few ornaments to my cake stand...oh, so Pottery Barn! :)
Some poinsettias help dress up the kitchen and give those wooden spoons some festive company...
This little ol' tree stands out with more little baby bows, adding a pop of color and character to the room.
To add a little glitter and glam I found these fun florals at the craft store...they give the room height and add some shimmer to break up the typical red and greens.
Some more garland dresses up the entertainment center...the giant thing looks great with the pops of light and red poinsettias against the white paint (can you tell what I am watching...? hilarious!).
Adding a pot and ribbon makes these real poinsettias look less "grocery store."
In the dinning room houses this giant candle that I surround by a wreath of the coordinating season...this shimmery wreath adds glow and the red bow adds a little color.
A few more craft store florals in a simple pitcher glow against my white hutch (the one I have been working on for MONTHS!!! Stay's almost done!!! yay!). Can you see my reflection in the pitcher??? How embarrassing...I'm wearing my boxer shorts, a sweatshirt, and my green slippers...cute...I look like a teenage boy! lol. Yikes!
Dressing up the dinning room a little more--are some more garlands, lights, and bows. The light strand was waaaaayyyy too long for the window so I draped them behind the curtains for a glowing affect.
Happy decorating friends...try to not go too crazy and use your resources!!! haha...

"Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas."

-Peg Bracken