Fun finds and a happy woman

Happy Woman=me...with working internet!
So my computer problems are finally solved! Yay!!! I stuck through it but it took me double...triple...the amount of time to do anything online. I couldn't leave comments...I couldn't open links...I wanted to enter! I am soooo happy to finally have everything functioning correctly now. I still have to download some of my old programs...and some things don't look exactly like they used my yahoo toolbar...this font...It is amazing how much my true colors and pickyness is coming out! lol! I am just finally happy to blog again.
Here are a couple random things I have been wanting to share...
A cookie for your favorite
love bug
in your life...
I just love those heart pans...I did a little experimenting with when and how to put on the m&m's...but I think it came out pretty cute...peanut butter cookie with lots of chocolate...

I'm thinking how fun would a

heart shaped pizza

be...or cornbread...or

(enter fantastic food idea here)...

I just love making food pretty...and of course if you don't have a heart pan (I have many...) look at places like the thrift store and will be surprised what you might find (and possibly become addicted like me! yay!).

I went and ran some errands with my mom this weekend. Found this sweet little bottle at the thrift store for 50 cents! For what you ask? My love potion of course! ;) We also went to Ikea where I wanted to pick up another towel bar for the kitchen. This one is to hold some well used pots and perfect! They have these great s-hooks type things that are flatter so that when I take a pot off the hook doesn't come flying off...oh Ikea how I love you. (So those of you who are dying now because you don't have an Ikea...don't covet me...I am one of what? like 4 states out of 50!!!! that does not have a hobby lobby...
come to the west coast already!!!)
I also have been wanting a non-plastic watering can...this one was perfect...and of course a little ribbon because
even the watering can deserves to be pretty! :)

This little rug Ikea has year around...but not until now did I rationalize buying one...the v-day bug talked me into it.
splendid giveaway
including some adorable v-day finds...I am crossing my fingers on this one. Head on over to her place to see her cute stuff...she has an adorable shabby chic place and posts about delicious treats and awesome crafts...And if you win feel free to have her forward it this way! ;)
Crafts to come soon...I promise!!!
oh...and p.s.
Thank you for all your sweet comments about my "over the top" decorating...I posted in a frustrating state and have since gotten over the little comment...I am learning to embrace my creativity and not let other's expectations get to me. Thank so much for inspiring me with your craftiness...and encouraging me to do the same! xoxo


  1. Hmmmm, I guess I missed the "over the top" comment......maybe it was before I started following you. But anyways, they MUST be jealous. So just Which it seems like you have, so you go on. It irritates me to no end that people leave snide remarks when it's YOUR space. Oh believe me, there are a few blogs that I really, really want to give them a piece of my mind. But I refrain. Hmmm, okay anyways.

    Great finds! Love it all! And I am not happy about the fact that "we" {I don't remember where you're located} don't have Hobby Lobby. That is absurd. :)

  2. I think your decorating is fabulous. Please tell me you're going to make a heart shaped pink pie. That would be SO cute!

  3. Your right Ashely,,I am jealous you have an Ikea.. I live in Maine and I think the closest one to me is in New Jersey. After looking at your great finds I may have to take a ride down there. I love all your finds and believe me when I say "thank you" for inspiring me to do the same. You have great taste, it's all fun and pretty. I love all your ideas and think you have FANTASTIC TASTE!! Love to visit your blog always.. have a great day! Tracey

  4. The heart-shaped pot holder & the "love potion" bottle are just freakin adorable. Love them!

  5. OK, well, I might add that where I live there is no Ikea, Hobby Lobby, or Trader Joe's!! Hard to believe how we get by without them, isn't it?!?!?

    I love chocolate and peanut butter and hearts! YUMMY!!! I am envisioning some sort of heart shaped cake or pie with sliced strawberries on the top. Thanks for sharing all of your great finds!!

  6. As always, everything is simply SMASHING! ...and yes, I'm totally jealous that you have an IKEA and I don't.

    As for being over the top? You, my dear, are over the top in only the VERY BEST way...and anyone who begs to differ is simply masking the fact that they really just want to BE you when they "grow up"!

  7. i don't have an ikea OR a hobby lobby OR a joanns. I know. Stinks! I have to drive 3 hours to get to a HL or a Joanns. But occassionally I do, b/c it is worth it.

    love your finds! i bought a silicone heart pan at target and I might do a cookie cake for the hubs.

  8. I Heart that Heart rug!:) You really are lucky to have an IKEA. The closest one to me is about 7 hours away in Houston. My sisters and I took a road trip a few years back just to go to IKEA. It was so worth it and we had a fabulous time. I think we were there from the time they opened until 10p.m. when they closed. And still, we didn't see it all. Thanks for sharing your fun finds! I sure wish we were neighbors so we could go thrifting together!


  9. Love these ideas, I was walking the aisles today of Hobby Lobby (for the first time) Yeah, but couldn't get myself motivated to buy anything. I'm a lucky girl who has Hobby Lobby and Ikea (both stores were on my list of things to do today! Thanks for the ideas...

  10. Thanks for the idea for the heart cake pan (i have one). I hadn't even thought about bakin' somethin' in it for my honey. Thanks.
    I liked all your heart ideas.

  11. You are too cute!!! You have inspired me to do a little more! i love all of the extra little touches! So fun! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us :o) I must go and create now....

  12. Love the heart shaped cookie! I am going to borrow your ideas this Valentines!

  13. Hey, thanks for the great idea with the towel rack and S hooks from Ikea. I always love a great tip. Everything's looking pretty at your place. : )

  14. LOVE everything. You are full of Valentine's Day spirit! :) Good luck on the giveaway, Ashley. I've entered your name twice!! Thanks!!

  15. Yeah, I have no Hobby Lobby either! I'm in Washington. Poo.


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