Get Your Wreath On

It's not too late to put up your Valentine's Day decorations! I wanted to post this heart wreath for any of you who are into the whole last minute decorating thing... Right now is a great time to get your crafting done as so many stores are already clearancing their vday items. I was surprised...things are cheap and are picked over. I usually wait until the day after the holiday to get screaming deals but I would not be surprised if it was all gone by then.
This wreath is pretty simple. It is put together a lot like the kissing balls which you can find directions here. The only thing different is that I covered the styrofoam heart with tissue paper so it looked nicer. You could even spray paint it for a quick and easy fix. Or you could just find one on clearance at the craft store! lol! I just have trouble buying things when I know I can make it myself...but then I have piles of "to-do" projects that never get done... Well, I do like to be able to brag to all my friends that I made that in itself is worth the extra work, right? ;)

Do you have any last minute Valentine's Day preparation to do? I still have a heart shaped ice cream cake to make the Brentster...coming soon!