A Very Short Wreath Tutorial

Spring is here and I was wreathless...I really want one of those adorable egg wreaths but have not gotten myself to buy one yet...maybe an after Easter sale. I am trying to be better about making things instead of buying them lately...especially when I already have the supplies on hand. So here is a super mini tutorial on wreath making.First, hot glue your silk flowers to whatever styrofoam shape of your choice...I usually do a practice run, pressing the flowers into the styrofoam first to make sure it looks right and I have enough flowers. For hot gluing, I have this fun little glue pot where I drop mini sticks of glue into and it melts for easy dipping. When working with wreaths, I have found this helpful as my stringy hot glue gun is not getting itself all over the wreath.

After all flowers are glued on, I wrap some matching ribbon around the flowers and styrofoam. It perfectly fits right around the stems and you don't have to worry about trying to poke flowers through ribbons. Another easy trick is to spray paint your styrofoam before putting the flowers in...I am just more likely to have matching ribbon lying around then hot pink spray paint! Then I just tie a little piece of string around the wreath to hang it from. If you want to add a bow, just tie one to a piece of wire and stick it through the styrofoam. Easy!
For more wreathy ideas click here...and here for a floral styrofoam kissing ball.

What type of Springy wreath do you have up?