My Creative Space

CIMG9920I was planning on showing you a fun peg board I painted but it ended up turning into a whole reorganizing project…  CIMG9892I wanted the space to be more functional instead of a place to collect clutter.  This resulted in clearing off my main table so that it would be just my project space.  I love having it in the middle of the room so that I can work all the way around it. CIMG9886 CIMG9889 CIMG9890CIMG9895 CIMG9907I like having everything out so I can see it…otherwise I may forget it is there!CIMG9897 CIMG9898 CIMG9900 CIMG9901 CIMG9905 CIMG9906I try to put my supplies in pretty containers so that they are organized but still attractive to the eye. CIMG9910 CIMG9911 CIMG9912 CIMG9914I dream of matching cabinets and shelf space but for now just having a place for it all is a huge time and clutter saver! CIMG9915 CIMG9916 CIMG9918What are your “creative space” dreams?