Flip Flop Frenzy

CIMG1261We are far from surfers, but living in California, we are definitely flip flop people.  Brent wears them all year around...even when it rains.  I have had people tell me that they have never seen Brent wear shoes (which I assure you that he does…to work, to exercise, etc).  So as a result, we are having a flip flop wedding…CIMG1269We were in San Diego for a wedding and stopped by our favorite little sandal factory, the Rainbow Sandals Factory.  CIMG1260 They have all kinds of different styles and colors…and all with the Rainbow quality the sandals are known for.  The factory sells the sandals for about half the retail value as they each have small defects…so small no one would ever notice.  CIMG1268So as the bargain hunters that we are, we picked a pair up for each groomsman (and a pair for me…well, just because!).  CIMG1265 Are you a flip flop person?