An Interview with a Blond Duck

mom-and-karen-bday-149-300x225Fashionistas I am hanging out by the pond today with some lemonade in hand and a Chihuahua on my lap.  Come join me!  Hop on over to A Duck in Her Pond to read my interview!  Want to know more about where I get my creativity from and what I love besides crafting?  All the gory details are over at the pond today!  While you are there read some of the Blond Duck’s stories as well as drool over her delicious pies and Chihuahuas!  If you have not met the Blond Duck yet, you must!  She is adorable and quite hilarious! 

More wedding biz-ness coming soon! 


  1. Just stopped over to see the interview. It is wonderful! Thanks for letting us know about it.

    I don't if I've seen your Etsy shop before. What's the name of your shop?

    I have one called Shana's Shop I love Etsy!

  2. P.S. I buy my paint at Wal-Mart too...and no one has ever noticed the difference between it and our more expensive American Traditions stuff from Lowe's. :)

  3. great interview! love the glimpse a little deeper into your life!


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