Licked and Sealed

CIMG1148Well…almost…  Thought I would reward myself with a little brain break and post about the progress so far.  We only have one piece left to add to the invitations and then they are going to get sent out!  CIMG1146The type-A in me can only focus on one thing at a time…do not rest until it is done!  We have our venue, we have invitations…next the dress!  Sooo excited!CIMG1154 CIMG1155We are using these sweet shimmering flowers to assemble three pages together.  The first page is a photo, second page the formal invite, and the third is driving directions and what not… CIMG1157CIMG1162 Brent’s mom is a card making stamper and has been lots of help in getting these put together…because you all know how much I enjoy paper and non-half hour projects!CIMG1129CIMG1145 I am really excited about how they are coming out and will be happy to have them sent out soon.  It’s been about a week and a half and we already have these practically finished!  Yay!  68 days…  I also wanted to mention, fyi, that the picture we are using was taken by yours truly at the beach with my handy dandy mini tripod.  I got it from REI and it fits in my purse and I always have it.  It makes for getting some good posed shots especially when you are ultra picky like me and do not trust random strangers to take a good photo for you!CIMG1140And to end this post, here is the lovely bride to be, yawning like a wild animal…  100+ handmade invites makes for a long night…  CIMG1160

What kind of invites are you into?  Hand made…store bought…Evite…?