Shower Time

IMG_8725Overwhelmed and blessed by so much generosity…

You just wait until you see all the fun stuff I am going to be up to with all this loot!

And just in case it is time for {breakfast, lunch, or dinner} go ahead and drool over this…I know I am.IMG_8677What was your favorite wedding gift?


  1. Those strawberry's look AMAZING. LOL My favorite gift was my hand made wedding quilt my grandmother hand stitched me. She made each of the grandchildren on and then made the great grand children one too. She passed away Christmas, so it really means a lot now.

  2. i'm not sure i remember one specific seems like so long ago!! lol my parents did help pay for the wedding, so that was a HUGE, gracious, much appreciated gift!

    those goodies look AWE-SOME!

  3. Oh how fun for you. My favorite wedding gift, 25 years ago, was my Kitchen Aid mixer!!! I have used it for everything from Gingerbread houses to homemade playdough.

  4. Seems like it was yesterday! Our 1 year anniversary is coming up next week :o)
    My favorite shower gift was from my mother. She had our last name framed in photos similar to what you find at Letter Perspectives. It hangs in our hallway with family pictures and I love it!!
    Best wishes Ashely!!

  5. you are a mean lady, forcing me to look at such a yummy spread at breakfasttime with nary a cupcake in sight.
    cupcake&multivitamin... super breakfast!

    It's hard to narrow it down to a fav, i have a few. I love the brightly colored Giant Cartoonesque Teacup/Saucer set... the wooden salad bowl... the rotisserie i thought was the most wasteful gift ever but then I used it and it made the most amazing chicken and even though I use it maybe three times a year I love it forever...
    then again we did get a $500 canadian tire gift certificate. Booyah. Which magically turned into a barbeque.

  6. I'd lick my screen if I didn't have to clean it after.

  7. I want to eat every single one of those goodies.

    My favourite wedding gift would probably be our bed from my parents.

  8. My favorite gift was a beautiful blanket knitted by one of my former Bible study girls. I used to be on staff for high school ministry at my home church & I had a group of abt. 15 girls who I led for 4 straight years. They've all now graduated from college & some are getting married themselves! This particular girl, Marie, was unable to be at my wedding, but she sent me this gorgeous blanket with a note that said with every stitch she'd prayed for Zach & me. It was incredible.

  9. What a delicious spread - I'm so glad you are documenting everything Have so much fun!

  10. You are soo cute. I can't wait to see you as a bride! I love it! Congratulations to you again!! We all send you big hugs!! Have fun little bride!!

  11. My favorite gifts were the Williams Sonoma nesting bowls and their kitchen towels. They are two items I uses all the time in the kitchen.


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