Watering Daisies

I realized the other day that I do not seem to fully enjoy my flowers except for when I am watering them.  I thought to myself—why have something if the only time you enjoy it is when you are taking care of it?CIMG1867Are there things in my life that I do not need because all I am doing is wasting my time taking care of it?  Or perhaps I just need to make the time to stop and enjoy it more? 

Some things I am thinking about…

-not being so busy that I am only taking care of but not enjoying the people in my life {husband, future children}

-minimizing what I have around the house…only keeping things around worth investing in for their enjoyment CIMG1871Is there something worth letting go of because it is sucking your time…or do you need to make more time to enjoy that something in your life?  Tell me what you think.