I’m Back!

I know, I did not mean to be gone for so long…but the whole getting married, settling in thing, was too wonderful to not give my full attention to (along with our lack of internet access…minor detail).  Hopefully you all still like me and remember my name.  So a month later, I am back, and I have to torture you just a little longer before I show you all our fabulous wedding pictures.  But I promise there will be a post soon…it was a beautiful, amazing day and you are going to just die when you see how gorgeous it all turned out!  So until then, here are some highlights of our honeymoon in Cancun…

**********************************************Our Cancun honeymoon…CIMG2985 A week of love…CIMG3540A love for all things Mexican…CIMG3317CIMG3840CIMG3856CIMG3790CIMG3746 CIMG3819A love for adventure…IMG_0223 DSC_7235 DSC_7243 DSC_7985CIMG3188A love of being pampered…  CIMG3710CIMG3072CIMG3475CIMG3473CIMG3457CIMG3454CIMG3479A love for food…CIMG3106CIMG3417CIMG3386CIMG2994 CIMG2999CIMG3555CIMG3586 CIMG3593A love for hand crafted things…CIMG3725 CIMG3728CIMG3404CIMG3749 CIMG3750CIMG3784 CIMG3786 CIMG3851A love to last a lifetime…  CIMG3766CIMG3024CIMG3658 CIMG3543CIMG3777A love to last till death do us part…happy honeymoon from Cancun!CIMG3740


Thank you for all your sweet wedding wishes on our wedding day (in the previous post).  I have to confess I did check in on my blog the morning of our wedding to see what some of you early risers said!  I was so moved by so many kind comments…from women all over the country, some I may never meet.  Who were so excited for us, who were saying a prayer for us…I wish I could hug each one of you and let you know how much your encouragement meant to me on our special day.  So thank you for being dear bloggy friends and sharing in my excitement for this amazing time of life! xo