Thoughts on the Closet

1 I saw Brent struggle to get a jacket out of the closet today.  It apparently is hard to reach back into the closet when you wife’s clothes take up three quarters of the thing.  So this morning I got rid of some clothes I have not been wearing.  I decided I will only have the amount of clothes that can fit into our closet.  A small gesture that reflects a bigger picture…respecting and sharing life with my husband…and having only what I need and/or have space for. 

Someone recently commented on wanting to know more about how I strive to live a simpler life.  When I read this, I thought, “Well, I sure would like to know this about myself too!”  But it got me thinking to these simple things, choices I make, to make life simpler, easier, and less cluttered.  As I am in this season of making a new home for myself and Brent, I hope to share more thoughts on striving for a simpler life.


  1. Ashley, you have such wisdom for a twenty-something! I could only wish that I had gone into my marriage with such an attitude of not hogging all the closet space. You have such wonderful insight!

    With the remodeling going on at our house now, I can't begin to tell you the stuff I have hung onto for way too long and today I will continue to purge items that have been taking up space in my kitchen cabinets and not being used. Sixteen years of living in one home has made it a bit too easy to just keep accumulating.

  2. You are going to make such a fabulous wife! I tend to be a closet hog!

    I also try to keep life as simple as possible! Less is more!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Closet hog here...I need to simplify too.

  4. You are so sweet! I gave up the closet for my husband and moved my clothes in the office. But I'm no saint, I just get more

  5. Yeah, our walking closet is divided in half but my shoe collection is slowly creeping to his side.

  6. When you figure out that simpler life, you must come out to TN and help me with mine. LOL You are doing an amazing job being a wife. God has bless both of you so much.

  7. My husband and I share a closet that is 4 ft wide. :) I am looking forward to your posts on simplifying your life. I am constantly trying to do this myself. One small thing is, like you wrote about here, keeping my clothes down to a minimum.

  8. I was touring an historic house with my children the other day and my 8 year old daughter commented that they didn't have closets. The interpreter looked at her and said, they didn't really have clothes to store, and those they did have 'extra' were either hung on a hook or drying in the wash.

    She looked at me and said, "So Mommy, if I get rid of some of my clothes I could get rid of my closet and have more room to play!"


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