The Essentials

_JLD1003 There was a quote I read at the gym the other day that got me thinking.  It said something like this…

Focus on the essentials.  Don’t shortchange the importance of your fitness. 

I really like this concept because it is easily applicable to all areas of life.  Just add in {life essential word of choice} for the word “fitness” and you have yourself a little motivation. 

I desire to focus on the essential things in my life.  I think it is often the nonessential things that I let creep in that sucks up all of my time and keeps me from doing the things I really want to do…or even really the things I need to do. 

This week I have definitely needed to focus on my “fitness” as I try to cut back thanks to the ever haunting holiday weight gain.  And I had to tell my self it is okay to sacrifice {fill in the blank} to get to a short term goal. 

Another essential is my housekeeping routine.  I have a system but have not been diligent in getting it done due to the holidays. 

And of course, the never ending work in progress of being the wife I need to be to my husband.  Definitely essential. 

The problem is often nonessential things can often be good things.  It is a matter of having to choose to say no to some of these things in order to get what needs to be done.

So while I focus on these few essentials in my life right now, in order to not shortchange myself, I am freeing myself from nonessential habits in order to meet the goals I have set before me.  How’s that for a New Year’s Resolution?

What are your essentials and nonessentials?