Vintage Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box Craft

CIMG9957Last year I had seen these darling paper covered chocolate boxes and began working on them last December.  A year and a half later, I finally finished.  It’s that whole paper thing, ya know…CIMG0015You will need:

-Chocolate heart boxes (wait until after Valentine’s day to get the jumbo sized ones).  Eat chocolate.

-Mod podge, glue, hot glue, doesn’t matter.  But mod podge gives that glossy finished and hold everything together look.

-Paper doilies or real ones.  I got mine from the Target dollar section.

-Ribbon, paper, buttons, stickers, vintage cards, embellishments, etc.  And if your mom owns a florist you can steal those plastic picks she puts in arrangements.

-Glitter glue!CIMG0012CIMG0017 CIMG0018 If they have a blank inside, write a secret love note…  I stamped my letters with a typewriter font (side note: I also like using tan paper as it feels more aged than white).CIMG0019CIMG0020Your recipient may just like these chocolate boxes with out the chocolate…maybe.