Bunnies, Feathers, and Eggs, Oh My!

CIMG0319Spring has made it’s room into my home and heart.  I dream of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans… CIMG0320I love these eggs in the jar…I let them hang around all the way until Fall! CIMG0321 CIMG0327If you don’t have a twiggy tree, I recommend getting one.  Perfect place to perch some eggs and other holiday goodies.   CIMG0328The school teacher in me loves putting out holiday books… CIMG0329Don’t be afraid to use plastic eggs!  Cheap and cute!  Just coordinate the colors to match everything so they don’t scream “plastic!”  Mine our hatching on the cupcake stand.  Again function and fashion with the serving pieces.CIMG0335CIMG0331 CIMG0332 CIMG0334CIMG0337 CIMG0338 CIMG0340 CIMG0341Couldn’t pass up the poor black sheep left behind at the thrift store…CIMG0343CIMG0344Bunnies found from the thrift store spray painted white…beats the bloody red eyes they used to have!CIMG0346I have a fetish for bunnies…had one growing up…I used to draw them and have all sorts of little figurines…the child in me still loves them and their cute little cotton tails…CIMG0347 CIMG0349You can make a banner for anything and everything…and you should… ;)CIMG0352 CIMG0354 CIMG0355 CIMG0361I loved finding little corners to tuck everything in…it was like my own little Easter egg hunt of decorations!  CIMG0366 CIMG0368And don’t forget some little friends…CIMG0370Happy Easter fluffing!  May your bunnies be hopping and your Easter baskets overflowing…I sure hope mine is!CIMG0362What are your Easter traditions?  Give this newlywed some good ideas!