My Lazy Painted Furniture

CIMG0894Over the past couple of years (has it already been 2 years that I have been blogging???) I have proudly shared my lazy painted furniture.  No sanding, no primer, no finish.  Just paint.  Well, for two years it has lasted.  It has served it’s purpose.  It has gotten chipped and aged in a way that fits our decor.  BUT, some of the paint has started to peel and wear away from my constant Lysol-ing.

So I am here to say, I have learned that my quick and impatient ways have come back to bit me in the behind.  I finally got myself to buy some more white paint to touch up the furniture one last time, and to coat the top with a finish.  It was not so bad considering that almost everything was already painted.  But had I done it right the first time I wouldn’t have to be writing this post. 

I cannot even tell you the name of the finish.  But it was from Wal-Mart, it’s water based, clear, and it leaves a lovely shine.  Yes, I often go to Wal-Mart for many of my painting needs.  I said I was becoming less lazy, not less cheap. ;)

What shortcuts do you take (and have possibly regretted)?


  1. I'm with you on the painting thing,, but I've also not ever cleaned up my used planting pots before I put new plants in. I used to just rinse and add the soil and the dirt. My plants never did very well, and usually ended up dying. This year, I cleaned and sanitized my pots and the plants are doing great!!

  2. Hi Ashley, I do too am a lazy 'painter'... but once in a while when I have a nice piece of furniture I go through all the 'trouble'. I don't usually use lysol but a product for cleaning furniture, my stuff still fine :) I'm actually thinking of distressing them... I just can't wait any longer to see them "aging".... Have a wonderful day! Vanessa

  3. I do not always prime my pieces when painting them. I just put on the regular paint. And I get tired of sanding sometimes. You are right, it does pay to take the time and do it right the first time! Love & blessings from NC!

  4. This post is just in the right time for me! I was planning to paint my dining table & chairs this week end ...the lazy way!! You made me change my mind - I will sand, prime, paint and add a protective coat! Thanks! :)

  5. I painted a laminate dressed with Wal-Mart interior paint after my husband told me that you can't paint laminate. It turns out that you can. ;) It's held up well in my daughter's closet, but I don't know that it would withstand constant use elsewhere. I wish I had known about the stuff you can use on laminate, but I painted the piece 4 years ago before I knew about blogging. ;)

  6. We live north of the Del Mar fairgrounds and during the horse racing season, traffic can be impossibly slow during evening rush hour. One time driving home from work I tried to take a creative "shortcut" but I didn't know the area that well yet and I ended up behind the line of cars waiting to enter the fairgrounds. My husband called to find out where I was and I completely fibbed because I was so embarrassed! We laughed about it a lot later. That's probably not what you meant by your question but it was definitely a shortcut I regretted :) It makes me laugh just thinking about it again!

  7. Honestly I just craft lazy! Lol. But I am so happy with the quilt I just finished (and blogged) about. I wasn't impatient with the process, and actually enjoyed being careful with it, and it turned out perfect. =)

    Many times I rush and reget things later!


  8. I know what you mean, I frequently paint things lazily and then it doesn't look as great as it could. Although yours looks great and held up!
    I have an old chest I just got and Love it I'm picking a color for it and then I am going to do it the "right" way this time!


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