Preserving Memories :: Love Notes

CIMG0823 My last two wedding related Blurb books arrived.  Let me just say it feels soooo good to have all wedding related memories bound in a book of some sort.  It has been a long task but as I am sure many of you can attest to, far ahead from the norm.CIMG0824 These books included our honeymoon and the proposal.  CIMG0828 CIMG0830 CIMG0831 CIMG0833Even though digital scrapbooking is now my new form of picture keeping from here on out, I do keep to traditional paper scrapbooking for certain things.CIMG0835These two albums are of paper memories.  Cards, letters, flyers, anything tangible I want to keep to remember.   The first one I started years ago which includes notes my husband wrote me while we were dating.  I was a bit hopeful creating such a book not knowing if he was “the one” but we had been dating for a few years so I figured I was safe.  CIMG0836 My love language is words so a book like this speaks directly to the core of my heart.  It is also fun to look back at the different seasons of our relationship.  CIMG0837I write in little memories of places we went and add random pictures or doodles to fill in empty space.  CIMG0839I try to be very free with it.  I like that it is journal like—imperfect, thrown together, doodles and hearts…like a teenage girl’s journal.  It has a certain nostalgia about it plus I would die trying to cut out die cuts and align everything perfectly.   CIMG0842The last page of this book has been finished with a note about getting engaged.  It is the end of a season of dating…and hopefully soon I will start a new love notes book including notes my husband has given me since we got married.CIMG0838The second book is all the paper memories I wanted to keep from when we got engaged up through our wedding and honeymoon.   CIMG0844My husband saved all the details that went into planning the event so that I could look back and see the whole process (he knows I am such a planner!). CIMG0845 Included is the letter he wrote me as well as the song he wrote and sang for me on his guitar.  CIMG0846 Maps, tickets, and our “Just Engaged” button from Disneyland.  CIMG0847 Notes of encouragement from friends and family at our surprise engagement party.  CIMG0848 CIMG0849 Invitations, special cards, and photos from the bridal showers.  CIMG0850 Pieces of a banner my sister in law made for a shower as decoration. CIMG0853 CIMG0854 The schedule of the wedding day and a card my husband gave me that morning. CIMG0855 Invitation, program, and table settings. CIMG0856I am a memory holder.  I hold moments of life near and dear to my heart.  And I am happy to say I have found a realistic and financially reasonable way to preserve them in a way that works for me.  I look forward to growing my collection…CIMG0858 How do you preserve memories?