My In Progress Backyard Oasis

CIMG9045I have been spending A LOT of time in my yard lately.  Little did I realize how much work putting together a yard is but it has been worth it even if I have not time for anything else.  CIMG9022I hung up some shear curtains that were left over from our wedding (the same ones like I used in our bedroom—from Ikea).  I also hung up the fabric banner that I made for our wedding—bringing the shabby outside.  Last year I had different curtains up but due to a freak birthday piƱata accident, those dear curtains are no longer with us.CIMG9032 We were originally going to just hang up curtain rods but my wise and helpful husband suggested going to the hardware store to get rods that will be more permanent and weather resistant.  Plus he hung them up for me.  Because short girl on a tall ladder on unlevel grass is a scary thing…but I will do it if I have to.  :)CIMG9033 We also recently found a hammock on sale at Lowe’s and we purchased a stand from Target on clearance.  {Summer items are already on clearance???  I know!  Well at least you can buy it discounted and still have plenty of hot days to enjoy it!}CIMG9034 A couple of hand me down yard items from my parents…CIMG9037 And my fantastic mom recently came over and helped me all afternoon to weed and dig up a garden area around the fence line and start planting.CIMG9041Putting in a garden is a lot of work and we have a long way to still go.  But by having a defined garden space and spending time taking care of my little plants, it actually feels like we have a back yard to use and enjoy.  CIMG9050 And I love it.CIMG9053 CIMG9058 My gardening partner: weed killing on wheels: CIMG9063What outdoor projects have you been working on?