Fashionista Friday :: Summer Heat

Thank you for all the wonderful input on Fashionista Friday!  I am so glad many of you are enjoying it!  I was a little weary about posting so many awkward pictures of myself but you all are loving it so I will keep it coming! xo…

It has been hot the last few weeks.  When it is hot I am all about dresses and minimal accessories…as well as some pulled back hair.  CIMG93504th of July Outfit

Dress: thrift store

White tank top: Old Navy

Blue sweater: thrift store CIMG9371Dress: American Eagle clearance CIMG9372 Earrings: bought in Hawaii at open marketCIMG9378 Purse: bought in Cancun on honeymoon

Whenever I go on vacation I try to bring home items that I will use in everyday life.  It is tempting to purchase nick knacks or very touristy type souvenirs (think hibiscus flowers) that seem to only be cute in the place you are visiting.  So both of these items bring back memories of my trips but also work with my everyday outfits. CIMG9396White Shirt: JC Penny w/ coupon

Shorts: JC Penny w/ couponCIMG9463Dress: Ross CIMG9470Shoes: TJ-Maxx

I have been wanting some strappy sandals that are in right now but I feel like the cut made my legs look too stumpy.  Between the heel and the heaviness of the strap, I found this was a good balance and compromise.  I mentioned this last time but I love the advice in this book on dressing for your body type.  Timeless advice on what cuts to wear for your specific body type.  Even if you loose or gain weight, you still have a similar body structure (for example, I have a square frame and try to accentuate my waist to look like I have a more defined one).  A highly recommended read. :) CIMG9468Braids are very in right now and they are perfect for summer.  I went from the gym to lunch with a friend with this easy do.  I braided the top part all the way around my head and then pulled it together with the rest of my hair for a side pony. CIMG9475 Bracelet: old…I had this ribbon tied on them to hold them together in my jewelry box but liked how it looked so kept it on there. :)

How do you dress for your climate?