What Did I Do Today?

CIMG9481 Sometimes I get this question asked, “What did you do today?”  Whenever asked this I seem to be at a loss for words.  I tend to struggle with feeling like my day is not sufficient enough to other’s views.  What I do each day is not grand but it is meaningful.  But because of my insecurities and the fear of the judgment of others, I feel like my day to day life is not enough or worthy of sharing. 

Then on other days, my schedule gets busy and I do not get all of my cards finished.  I wonder where the day went and feel guilty for not getting what I needed to accomplish that day. 

I had a small breakdown recently, feeling insufficient, but then realized I needed to pull myself out of my rut and really acknowledge where my time went.  So I made a list.  A list of things I did that day.  CIMG9480And then I realized I did have a purposeful, meaningful, and productive day, whether or not I checked everything off my list. 

And I let go.  Let go of my agenda and embraced the day before me.  I can get to my cards tomorrow. 

For another good read on living a worthy, average, everyday life, head on over to hear what my friend Mandi has to say at Finding Home.

What did you do today?