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CIMG9529Long Dress: JC Penny w/ coupon—a long dress…that I did not have to hem…truly a fashion miracle! CIMG9533Grey dress: JC Penny w/ coupon—mom bought this for me before my trip to Disneyland (aka surprise proposal)…she was SOOOO excited to buy me a dress for Disneyland…it all makes sense now.

Earrings: Big Lots---I know, right!  Big Lots!  Yeah, they do not have as cute jewelry as they used to.  But one time, years ago, I found these adorable things for a dollar!CIMG9546 Off the Shoulder Top: Old Navy Clearance--$3.  I had a gift card I was trying to use up.  This “big” purchase got me no where.  But who’s complaining?

Jean Skirt: Aeropostale $20—my one and only personal purchase there.  Don’t seem to find a whole lot there that I love, except this.  I consider jeans skirts unique as the right length and fit are important (so my butt isn’t hanging out!  yikes!).

Brown purse: thrift store.  I love finding old clutches at the thrift store.  I have quite a collection that I rarely use (I am more of a bag lady personally) but they are absolutely beautiful…and cheap!CIMG9765Floral blouse: thrift store.  Love this one!

Jean Shorts: Ross

Earrings: the Hawaiian ones from last FF post

What’s your favorite place to shop for clothes?


  1. Personally, my favorite store is Anne Taylor. I wear work clothes 5 days a week so I must be well presented. I can always find something on their sale racks (such as $89.00 pants for $19.00) so my only rule is if its not on sale I dont buy it. I am also loving Marshalls right now.

  2. Your Friday posts always punctuate how fast the weeks are going by! What, it's Friday AGAIN? ALREADY? =)

    I rarely shop at Aeropostle (is that how it's spelled? I can't even pronounce it most of the time! ha!). I can barely get our double stroller around in there and I feel old so whatever. I don't go in there. But Old Navy I love. And you can't beat those $10 coupons from JC Penny's! Free money!

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  4. Dang how to I get on the JCPenney coupon mailing list?? Those dresses are ADORABLE! I agree about jean skirts. I just took one back to the thrift store the other day cause i was just not feeling it. Oh well! And that floral top was a major score. You are so cute!


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