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CIMG9457I have seen many adorable posts on “bento” lunches.  I store them in my “kids file” for the future but recently decided it wasn’t just for kids anymore.  I could have fun with lunch as well. 

I got these adorable cafeteria trays from Target and we used them for the Super Bowl this year.  They are great for TV eating but are not limited to couch sitting. 

I have been pretty bored with lunch lately (soup is just not as delicious in the summer) and have been eating whatever we have around the house.  To make it more fun and encourage some healthy eating, I divided up my food in these trays.  It is perfect for portion control.  Fill the bigger openings with fruits, veggies, and lean protein.  Smaller openings for a little treat. 

And there I sat.  All alone.  In my home.  With my lunch.  I was a happy girl. :)

What is your normal lunch routine?


  1. I do similar lunches for my kids - but make myself a big old green salad!

  2. I'm afraid my lunch routine consists of eating the crusts that I cut off my kids' sandwiches! If it isn't that, then I am just grabbing something to eat on the go. I know I would be much better off if I took the time to plan out my lunch in the same fashion that I plan my children's lunches. I like your plates. I'm a sucker for divided plates. And now that I've seen your peanut butter celery, that's all I'm going to be able to think about today! :)

  3. I basically scarf down whatever I've made the night before. Today that would Lasagna. Most of the time I have left overs but when I dont I have pull pork 3 cheese nachos, delicious!
    OK, now I see why I can't loose weight. *Sigh*

  4. I think Bentos are so cute! A couple of years ago, I bought two little Hello Kitty Bento kits from the craft store. SO glad I bought two, b/c otherwise the girls would fight over it. :s

    I usually wait until after the kids are down for a nap to eat my lunch. I like peace and quiet. This way, no one asks me for a bite of my sandwich or is climbing all over me. I usually have a turkey sandwich and a Coke for some afternoon pep. ;)

  5. Hey!

    Just came across your website and think it's super cute! I like your previous post on tucking in the shirt...I have yet to be brave enough to try that fashion trick lol

  6. Now you have to try muffin tin lunches:)

    for ideas-enjoy!


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