Another Movie Night

CIMG9854 We recently had another backyard movie night and I managed to take some better pictures before it got dark.  CIMG9855 Candles in recycled glass jars (from food we have eaten) filled with sand from the hardware store.  CIMG9856 CIMG9857 Table cloth cut from some extra fabric I had.  No need to sew.  CIMG9858More cereal treats: Reese’s Puffs cereal and chocolate chips.CIMG9859 CIMG9862 Personal popcorn containers from dollar section at Target. CIMG9868 Tiki torches lit. CIMG9875 Arch and lights leftover from our wedding. CIMG9883 CIMG9901 CIMG9905 A night of (free) fun with friends.  It’s definitely one way to keep your friends coming back! ;)CIMG9914 CIMG9919 CIMG9920 What types of fun things do you like to do when the weather is still nice?