Saving Money in the Bathroom

DSC_0368I am always looking for new and exciting ways to save money.  Today I wanted to share with you how I save money in the bathroom.  I do not make my own shaving cream or anything, but I do try to stretch our pennies as far as they can possibly go.  The picture above I like to consider free travel souvenirs from hotels I have stayed in.  As you can see I have quite a collection (And some of the stuff is way nicer than the stuff I buy!  Especially the stuff from Hawaii!  Yummy coconut!).  DSC_0366When our current bottle of shower get gets low, I refill it with our hotel bottles.  These small bottles are also great for traveling.  I get super anxious whenever going on trips that I am going to forget something (and refuse to buy such object I forget as it will be much overpriced than getting from home) so I have a travel tote that is filled with all my toiletries I will need.  This requires buying a double of everything but I find it worth it for the ease of mind when I can just grab it and go.  Plus most things like soap and mouth wash can just be refilled with whatever you already have at home.  DSC_0370In the shower, I prefer a luffa on a stick (my arms are short like the rest of me).  So instead of buying a new luffa on a stick every time the luffa starts coming apart, I buy just a new luffa (usually under a dollar compared to a couple dollars) and my handy husband zip ties it to my existing stick.   DSC_0372 My husband prefers bars of soap.  I recently bought a little shower caddy to hold all our shower essentials as I am a neat freak and get grossed out at the thought of things sitting in water.  After using our new caddy, my husband informed me that his bar of soap had a surprisingly longer life now that it was being properly drained after each use. 

And thanks to my new camera, I can now better feature the excess soap left on the caddy!  Gross, right?  Imagine it sitting in water!DSC_0377A hairstylist friend of mine told me that dandruff shampoo (Target brand of Head and Shoulders) dries out your hair so she told me to rotate my shampoos.  This has continued to help me stay dandruff free and has also lengthened the life of my more expensive dandruff shampoo. 

And in case you were wondering, I have a hair washing schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  I shower Monday thru Saturday as I usually work out those days.  Apparently some people find it funny I have a schedule.  I find a schedule necessary for all areas of life. ;)

How do you save money in the bathroom?