What I Know About Flowers

CIMG0006This is my first year taking care of my own plants and garden and over the past few months I have been pleasantly surprised to find out that I can keep them alive and beautiful.  You don’t have to have a green thumb but you do have to have time (I strongly believe a green thumb is not a gift you are born with, rather a skill that anyone can acquire over time and practice).  CIMG99911. Water your plants DAILY.  Like we need food and water to survive, plants need water or they will die.  Simple as that.  Make sure any plants in pots have holes in the bottom to leak out excess water so the plants don’t get over watered. 

2. Buy flowers with green.  Flowers are temporary so when they all die off it is nice to still have the plants.  Look for plants with lots of lush greenery that will last you long term and not just for a season.CIMG99923. Prune your plants.  When you see a dead or soon to be dead flower, pull it off.  When your leaves start getting spotty (usually because of mold or bugs) or crunchy, rip it off.  Dead plants take away nourishment that could be used up by your live parts and new growth.   I know, it is hard to pull off the only bloom even though it is wilting.  You feel like you are ripping off all that is beautiful.  But if you rip it off, new will come.  I promise.

Pruning is especially important if you have your plants on an automatic watering system.  Though convenient, it no longer gets the one on one attention of hand watering.  Once a week, go out and prune a bit.  CIMG99964. (And if you are feeling extra zealous) Feed your plants plant food and spray them with something to keep the bugs off (I use volck oil).  This helps give them extra kick.  I also spray the actual plants and blooms with the hose when I am watering to wash off bugs, dirt, and cobwebs.  Some flowers specifically require that you do not do this but for most, this is a good practice in getting them nourished and clean. 

There you have it, four steps to keeping your plants alive!  You can do it! 

Disclaimer: I now understand why people don’t take care of plants.  It takes a lot of time.  Before we put in sprinklers in our garden against the back fence, it took me almost an hour everyday to water all my plants including those on our porch and in pots.  Not everyone has time like this (or finances to put in an automatic watering system).  But I have learned that if you really want a beautiful yard and have the time and resources to make it happen, don’t let a few dead plants discourage you.  Love the plants.  Make time for them.  And they will grow, bloom, and make you happy.