Baby Shower Banners

DSC_0617For my sister in law’s baby shower I made some sweet baby shower banners for the decoration.  I picked up two vintage Golden Books from the thrift store and cut the pages into triangles.DSC_0616I then just sewed them to a piece of ribbon.  So easy.  Who knew you could sew paper like this!  DSC_0623 DSC_0630 And I made some smaller ones with my excess scraps…DSC_0663I also cut up some fabric for cake bunting…DSC_0675 Tomorrow I will share how the cake bunting turned out, along with the shower, and a little giveaway!  So be sure to stop by again tomorrow!
Do you use banners to decorate?


  1. I originally bought my sewing machine for just that - sewing paper! After I'd had it for a couple years it occurred to me I could use it on fabric too. Boy, if you ever want to see the ladies at the fabric store flip out, tell them you use your machine on paper. It's hilarious!

  2. I love to sew paper.... Love your banner and think it's a great idea for the shower! I have to ask,, when you got married did you stop working outside the home? My hours got cut back to 13 hours a week.. trying to not get discouraged and keep my focus on my home! Any advice would be appreciated!

  3. Can't wait to see the end result! Your hubby seems like he's a good sport with all your projects!

  4. I love how this looks!
    What a great idea. I'm going to have to do this in our nursery!

  5. Love it! I think you should change your name to domestic Goddess!
    As a scrapbooker I knew you could saw paper but have never done it.
    I love, love, love banners. Have a Halloween up right now

  6. what a great idea ashley! i might have to incorporate this into a future playroom.

  7. Ashley, making the banner out of vintage Golden Books is pure genious!!! Seriously, you are so creative, I so wish I knew you in person!!! Love all of your super cute and creative ideas!

  8. how nice this baby shower banner. It's beautiful.
    Mickey Buarao

  9. That's darling! (even though it makes me a little sad to see old books cut up ;))

    Love how your hubby is just ignorning you taking a picture lol


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