Doile Tube Top

DSC_0689 I think that is how you spell doile.  I googled it.  Who knows.

So I made a doile tube top with an old tube top that was too long.  I cut it shorter and simply sewed the doile on in a circle with my sewing machine.  Took me literally seconds.  I think I used only five pins to pin it on.  It is not perfect.  I might have to iron it to keep it from sticking out after it is washed.  But for a quick little sewing project…for a darling new looking shirt…sew worth it.  Yes, I said sew.  I got lots of compliments at the Roseville Antique Fair…all these crafty ladies giving little ol’ me compliments. 

BTW, I find my doiles at thrift stores and garage sales. 

What do you do with doiles?