Little Things That Say I Love You

DSC_0457Sometimes I lay out clothes for my husband to change into after he gets home from work…along with a little treat.  We have only been married a year, but I find I have to be more creative to show my husband I love him without breaking the bank or overfeeding him with sugar.  It simply says that I have been thinking about him and waiting for him to get home.  He loves it. 

How do you show love to your loved ones?


  1. aww that's cute!
    We've been together for almost 10 years so sometimes its hard to find new things, but I pack his lunch everyday and sometimes will leave little notes inside, or written on one of his snack cakes or something, just to give him a smile half way through the day.
    If I get him a drink i'll put one of those bendy straws in it. Yeah we're 24 but still LOVE them.

  2. After 36 years of marriage and babies grown to teenagers and then adults sometimes you wonder where your other half is. That's where date nights help and now, that we have smart technology, the occasional texts back and forth to each other letting him know I'm thinking of him or he of me.

  3. awww how sweet! If I did that though he'd probably think I just thought he smelled haha. I'm always trying to get him to take a shower when he gets home and he likes to wait until before bed.

    I remember someone I used to talk to used to throw towels in the dryer and get them warm for their spouse so they'd have a nice warm towel when they got out of the bath.

  4. Ashley, I will be married 30 years next year! It's hard to remember to show each other how much you care and appreciate one another. I am married to the most wonderful, patient, generous man in the world (besides your hubby) and I try my best to let him know I appreciate him very much. Last night he came home after a long day of work in sales and I had his favorite dinner ready - chili. That made him veeerrrry happy.


    It is great!

  6. I do the warm towels in the dryer! Also, love notes written on the bathroom mirror. If you write it w/ a bar of's somewhat invisible but will show up once it gets steamed. ;-)

  7. You are so thoughtful. Maybe I could take a note from you, I actually am so exhausted by the time husband comes home, I really should do something like this.

  8. Gosh, I can believe I was so behind reading your blog! But I so do love your post.
    I always serve dinner for my husband. If he is working late (which happens often now) I warm up his food and set the table. Some people make fun of me because he can get it himself, but he appreciates the gesture of a warm and ready meal at the end of the day. In return he leaves a clean kitchen :)


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