Live. Simply.

DSC_0105 “That most of us are considered poor is no disgrace, but does us credit; for, as the mind is weakened by luxurious living, so it is strengthened by a frugal life.”  -Minucius Felix

I have been talking about living frugally a lot lately…you may notice I blog in seasons.  Seasons where I am focused on a specific area of life.  Sometimes it is on crafting….holidays…food…decorating…right now it is on money.  It is easy to put my hot glue gun away, pack away the holiday decor, hang my apron, put a project on hold…but money is always there…or not there.  So let’s reflect…

In order to live more simply, I am trying to buy less stuff for the house…and get rid of stuff we have.  Streamline our stuff to the necessary and to the things we love.  Nothing else.  It’s hard.  But it is a lot easier when I don’t go shopping.  Or at least tell myself straight to the {item I am looking for} and straight to the check out stand.  No wandering. 

I’m working on it…

How can you live more simply?


  1. I agree with you current season; I too have been paring down to things I absolutely love. Even when shopping, if I don't absolutely love it and have an exact purpose for the item, I dont' buy it. I've been saving our produce from our garden, preserving, canning and freezing. I think we can become overrun by "things" and "things" aren't what makes us happy! Continued good luck, Ashley!

  2. This may sound silly, but we've been living more simply by eating leftovers and only eating from what we have. I found that we would "crave" something so we would run to the grocery store. I'm trying to make less trips to the grocery store overall. LOVE your blog Ashley!!

  3. I think I've caught the "less is more" bug too. Too many toys and knick knacks around here. When the kids are sleeping, I'll have to par down the toys. ;)

  4. we totally go in seasons, and this one is to not eat out so much! ;)

  5. I've really been enjoying these posts on frugality! Keep 'em coming!


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