Repainting the Bathroom :: A Shade Grayer

DSC_0148I decided to do things right after painting the whole bathroom and realizing it was the wrong color.  I brought home samples and gave it a few days.DSC_0233I painted it and could already breathe a little lighter with my new shade of gray.  Yet, it still was not quite right.  So I let it sit for a few more days. DSC_0347I remembered I had this fabulous $10 frame from the thrift store…DSC_0196 And I decided we did not need a hanging towel rack.  The towels we use in the shower are behind the door, and so the existing towel rack’s only purpose was decoration.  Who says you HAVE to use towels in the bathroom as decoration?  Not me anymore.  DSC_0199Between the floor to ceiling frames and the giant mirror, the bathroom looks bigger, cleaner, and more pulled together.  I have a really hard time seeing empty spaces on walls.  But I am coping.  I have realized less is more.  When I use big items, they are able to hold their own, and have a more dramatic effect.  DSC_0204DSC_0202 DSC_0210I picked up some vintage cards from the game “Ad Liners.”  I try to find where the different ones fit in the house.DSC_0697 DSC_0702 The husband and I enjoy this quote from The Office.  Inappropriate?  Maybe.  Funny?  Definitely.  Because not all of our chalkboards have to be so serious all the time.  DSC_0705 I am still not sure about the mirror.  I like that it adds a little warmth and I am afraid that if I paint it white, it will be too much white.  Yet I love everything white…

Leave it how it is or paint it white?

The wall color is:

Glidden Quiet Rain GLC33