2009 Digital Scrapbook Complete!

DSC_0364 I recently finished and received my 2009 photo album via Blurb.  I cannot believe how ahead I am now!  It feels good to be able to create a scrapbook so much quicker and easier. 
I think I have found the look I like and will stick with for a while.  The black and white cover make it look vintage yet modern.  Love it!DSC_0366 A title page highlighting major events…DSC_0367 I have found layouts I like and have saved them under my own created layouts making them easily accessible.  DSC_0370 A mix of basic print and script create a professional look…DSC_0371 I really love the white writing on top of the pictures…DSC_0373 DSC_0374 DSC_0380 DSC_0382Our memories preserved forever. 


  1. It came out really good! I just got my first Blurb book a few weeks ago and I am so impressed with their quality.

  2. This is an awesome book. I have never heard of Blurb. I might need to try it out. I am definitely not caught up like you are. The last time I did any type of photo memory books, I was pregnant with my second daughter. She is um, 10 now. Ack!

  3. It looks awesome! I think I need to break down and just start doing the books online. I have LOADS of scrapbooking supplies that I love, but I don't have the time to use them. :s You did a great job with your book. :)

    I'm hosting a Silhouette Product Giveaway today, and you don't have to own the machine to use the items. :) Hope you might stop by!

  4. love it!
    I like all the pictures you can put on each page.

  5. Like how *clean* it all looks...I am partial to scrapblog for photobooks, but a friend printed a years worth of her blog w/ blurb & it was fantastic!

  6. I'm green with envy! I tried blurb but my PC is dying...slowly, so it doesn't work properly.
    Hopefully, we will get my dream PC and then I can do my albums like this. I love them, they look beautiful Ashley.

  7. please tell me which book format you choose- was it bookify? or one of the others? Also, will the website allow you to make your book and save it and continue to add to it? I have a 2 month old baby and want to continuously work on the book and print it at the end. Did you use the same book format for all of your books? Please advise!

  8. love it! I just did one through Picaboo. I am terrible at scrapbooking, but this was so much fun to play around with!
    I am a big fan of the black background!


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