Fashionista Friday :: Tripod and First Feature

So between freshly painted walls and a new camera, I decided to use the ol’ tripod this week.  It makes me feel so professional!DSC_0096 Shirt: Ross

Sweater: JC Penny W/coupon

Skirt: TJ Maxx

Necklace: thrift store choker.  I made it longer by tying some ribbon to the ends and then attached my Pleated Poppy flower pin.  I have been seeing this style done a lot at craft shows.  You can use bracelets and turn them into necklaces with a little ribbon!  Too cute!

Headband: Charlotte Rousse OutletDSC_0151Jacket: JC Penny w/coupon (this season, also comes in black)

Boots: Burtlington Coat Factory

Knee High Socks: Target (the whole sock under boots thing is fantastic!  So much warmer and comfortable!)

Glasses: Sears—Baby Phat.  They have some bling on the front.  I tend to wear my glasses instead of contacts when I am sick or super tired.  It puts me in the mood to allow myself to be tired and lazy.   DSC_0167 Dress: Ross

Necklace: hand me downDSC_0296Dress: Swimsuit cover up from Ross (I have to wear a tank underneath because it is a bit see thru!)

Pants: Skinny jeans—Thrift store

Boots: Burlington Coat Factory

Jacket: Gap

Belt: ThriftDSC_0375Top: Ross (I was subbing the other day and this high school girl told me she had the same one!  Made me feel fashionable…or young!)

Sweater: JC Penny w/coupon

Shoes: Sears clearance

Belt: ThriftDSC_0603Dress: Ross

Sweater: JC Penny w/coupon

Flower Pin: KimbaMade (but she no longer makes unfortunately—so I will consider it “limited edition”!)

Belt: came with a skirt from TJMaxxDSC_0820Top: thrift

Sweater: Marshall’s

Leggings: Ross


I am excited to share my first Fashionista Friday feature!  Alison from The Green Goddess Blog sent in some darling outfits she found for her daughter.  And how cute is her little girl!  Such a fashionista at such a young age!Blog Photos 009Children's Place Denim Dress:  Once Upon a Child $3
Old Navy Onesie:  Thrift Store $1
Tights:  Target Clearance $2summer 2009-summer 2010 957Baby Gap Dress:  $1 Garage Sale
Bow:  A gift from Grandma, the queen of bowssummer 2009-summer 2010 1025 Hat: Baby Gap...FREE @ Garage Sale!

Thank you Alison for sharing!  What a sweet and fashionable little girl you have!


So note to self…babies do not have to be expensive…and grandma needs to start learning how to make bows! 

If you would like to be featured in a future Fashionista Friday post, email me with photos along with where you bought it and what type of discount it was and your blog URL. 


  1. Wow you are just too cute! I love all your clothes! And the white flowered headband is adorable, too! The little girl is so sweet...I'm going to head on over to her blog now (:

  2. It's been awhile since I've commented, but this one inspired me. Love the tripod/model look, altho I will miss those "holding the camera to the mirror" shots! I always enjoy your posts so much and I love the new baby fashionista. Ann

  3. Great idea, that baby is adorable, she'd look great in rags :)

    You look so cute this week!

  4. Ashley, LOVE LOVE the pics this week. You could seriously sell them. Also, thanks so much for featuring my little doodle bug! :)


  5. I love getting my son's clothes at thrift stores. They always have tons of cute stuff in great condition. And at arounnd $1-2 a piece, you can't beat the prices, especially sine babies outgrow their clothing so fast.

  6. I love all your looks. I have never been able to find anything at the thrift but maybe I need to look HARD now that I'm a SAHM with 3 guys to dress. That little girl is darling cute!

  7. You're so stinkin' cute! All of your outfits are fab! I love the idea of tying a ribbon to a choker. I have to try that for sure.

  8. Can I have your wardrobe? And your house? :)


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