Thankful For My Home

DSC_0237It is often easy this time of year as we gather in other’s homes, full of holiday cheer, to compare and judge our own homes to those that are bigger, cleaner, and better decorated than ours.  This year I am going to be thankful for my home just the way it is…DSC_0265 (2) I am thankful for a small home…

Less carpets to vacuum

Less toilets to clean

Less floors to mopDSC_0821 I am thankful for secondhand furniture…

Furniture that can get scuffed up and repainted

Furniture that does not cost much when it breaks

Furniture that is so shabby chicDSC_0305 I am thankful that I must hand water my plants and scrub my own sinks…

I enjoy things so much more when I can see the outcome of the work of my own hands

I take pride in the things I have and take better care of themDSC_0326 I want to be more content with what I have and enjoy the simpler things of life. 

What are you thankful for in your own home?

Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!  I will be taking a few days off from blogging to spend time with my husband and family.


  1. Ashley,, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your time away from the computer! I am thankful that my husband has a wonderful good paying job that allows me to decorate and fix up my home to my hearts content! I live in a 900 square foot home,,(little)... and am thankful that it's 100 years old and I can fix it up the way I want! Have a great holiday!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Ashley! :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Ashley, you can tell your home is full of heart and that is all that really matters! Have a wonderful holiday :)

  4. You do have a beautiful home.
    I am so thankful for a home that is just the right size for my family.
    I am so grateful to have great neighbors too.

    Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!! You have a gorgeous home!!

  6. You have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing it with us! I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorating...and getting some tips! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. Just started looking at your blog today! I gotta say that I understand the joys of a small home. Right now my new husband and I are living in a rented basement apartment (READ: verryyyyyy teeny tiny), and although it isn't very much space, it's just right for us. I'm learning how to appreciate what we have for right now, rather than comparing us to everyone else. Putting up our tree for our first Christmas together really made me realize that any space can be special, it's just how you use it! Thanks for putting your blog out there and sharing all your fun ideas! :)


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