Fashionista Friday

In the winter I wear a lot of puffy vests (warm, comfy, and fashionable), but I managed to change it up here and there.  What I have been wearing recently…DSC_0204Jacket: Thrift store

Pants: My new favorite thing – jeggings.  Half jean half leggings.  I got them at Costco and they are the most comfortable jeans ever.  Plus they have a higher waist than my other skinny jeans…and personally, I appreciate that they hold everything in!  I am wearing them in every photo this week!  $16

Earrings: Flea market $1DSC_0205Lace dress: Thrift store – VS nightgown…think multifunctional! 

Belt: extra scrap fabric I cut into a sashDSC_0180Zebra tank: Ross

Sweater: JC Penny w/ couponDSC_0384Vest: Ross clearance $9

Long sleeve shirt: VS semi-annual sale (which is coming in January by the way…if you are interested in the date of the sale, email me and I will let you know when I find out the date)

Boots: Mervyn’s…oh how I miss you…DSC_0868Red top: thrift

Long sleeve shirt: Old Navy clearance

Belt: thrift

Boots: Old Navy clearance DSC_0880Black shirt: hand me down

Vest: Ross

Belt: thrift or Ross?

Boots: Burlington Coat Factory $25 DSC_0919 Dress: Marshall’s clearance

Belt: Ross

Shoes: Ross

What do you like to cozy up into during the winter?