Lily’s 1st Birthday

DSC_0710My childhood best friend’s little girl just turned one recently (wow, I feel old!).  I give much credit to my friend and her mother, who hosted themed birthday parties and had me over for many crafting projects growing up, for the creativity and love for hosting that I have as an adult.  My friend lives in another state now but is still an avid reader of my blog.  While they were in town for the holidays, we were able to join them to celebrate Lily’s first birthday…a glorious pink party, with many of the decorations being inspired by this blog.  As you will see I was beyond excited to be of any sort of inspiration for this party…my husband even had to drive home to get the camera!  DSC_0671Mom designed some birthday panties…DSC_0288 Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakesDSC_0290Grandma sewed a dress to match the party…DSC_0669  Everything was color themed…DSC_0680 DSC_0706 DSC_0708  A birthday cake eating throne…DSC_0711 Their little family is too cute for words…DSC_0721 DSC_0732 DSC_0743 She is soooooo adorable….DSC_0778 The birthday girl’s little cake…DSC_0790 “Yes, cake please!”DSC_0794DSC_0796A perfect pink party for a sweet little girl…DSC_0287I think next year I need a pink themed birthday party and party panties….

Thanks for letting me share your birthday party Lily!  Cannot wait until next year!