Reclaiming Me

DSC_0011-1 It has been one of those days

One of those weeks

One of those months

Nothing terrible has happened but I have been in a slump



And have lost sight of my priorities

I preach here about loving your husband and homes first

And here I was sucking at it

I became obsessed with my own agenda

One minded

Unaware of the needs around me

Focused on how other’s can better me or help me to get ahead

And then I finally broke down

In Pier 1

While the sales lady tried to tell me all about the wonderful things they have in the store

They didn’t even have the Santa apron I came for

All this to say,

I went home


Had a hot shower

Ate two slices of cinnamon raisin bread

Got dressed

Put on my new scarf

And allowed myself to be the me I am meant to be

It is time to clean the house

It is time to give my husband my full attention

It is time to stop being so judgmental of others

I need to no longer pressure myself to be the best

To always be comparing myself to others

It is time to reclaim me.



What do you need to reclaim?