Commitment Issues :: Saying “Yes” To What Is Most Important

I wrote this post a few months ago but wasn’t ready to share it.  As we go into the New Year, I found this post relevant…instead of trying to do more this year, I want to do less.  So that I can give more of myself to the things that matter most.  DSC_0217 I like to think of myself as a pretty reliable person.  If I say I will do something, I make every effort to follow through.  Before my husband and I were married, we were very busy people.  There was something every night that we were committed to be being at.  Shortly before we got married, life slowed down, and we both let go of our demanding commitments…focusing on a new season of life…our marriage.  Fast forward a year and we are still in the same boat.  Little commitment, home most nights together, and feeling exhausted every time we add something new to our plate.  DSC_0326Someone recently said in conversation that she does not like being committed to anything.  This really hit me…someone does not like to be committed to things?  And it is okay?  It was so freeing to realize I was not alone. 

Another recent conversation I had was with a fellow substitute teacher.  The man was a retired teacher now writer.  We are completely different people at very different places in life.  But we did share a common trait.  An appreciation of free time.  As a substitute teacher we are both able to pick and choose when we work.  We have no boss telling us to stay late or that they need us to pick up more hours.  We both agreed that given the gift of time, we have a hard time giving it up to commitments that we are not passionate about. {Which I realize is a huge blessing!  Not everyone has the same freedom to have such a flexible work schedule!}  DSC_0247I always get really irritated with other people who think there is nothing to do at home.  That if they were given the free time that I had, they would not know what to do with themselves. 

All of these things tied together brought me to my final conclusion.  I love my free time because I choose to use it on the things that I love most.  My husband.  My home.  Not to say these other non-free time people do not love their husband or home.  BUT I have a passion for these things.   When I go on a run, I study homes to help me figure out what paint colors I like.  I pick up the free coloring pages from Trader Joe’s because I collect such things for having children one day (and lets be honest, I like to color sometimes!).  I garden so that I have something pretty to look at when I drive into our driveway.  I have stacks upon stacks of torn out magazine pages because I cannot help but be inspired.  DSC_0496 I do my husband’s laundry.  I leave him chocolate on his pillow.  I pick up his dirty socks.  I do not get angry when he tracks dirt into the house.  I cannot help but want to read and learn more on how to be a better wife. 

I create.  I love beauty.  I am humbled that I have a husband who goes to work everyday to provide for us.  I dream in paint color.  I find great pleasure in small details.  

I cannot commit to more because I am already committed to what I love. 

All this to say…let’s be committed to the things that are most important in our lives and enjoy the freedom of letting go of everything else...whatever that is for each of us.  I so appreciate that you all love your home just as much as I do!  xxoo DSC_0124What have you chosen to say “yes” to?


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