I Still Point and Shoot

nikon point and shootYou all know I LOVE my DSLR but it doesn’t fit in my purse.  Well it does…but it is ridiculously heavy.  And we have tried to take it with us out on date night and such…and well…people tend to stare when you pull out a DSLR in a nice restaurant…apparently they do not document their life like I do.  I have my old point and shoot but it is so low resolution that when I go to digi scrapbook…it just isn’t right.  So call me a photo snob…but I needed a better point and shoot.  You get me, right?  And in case you cannot afford a DSLR…this thing does a pretty stinkin’ good job…
And for your frugalistas…we saved up some Craigslist cash to buy it…just trying to keep it real.
*Nikon Coolpix S8100
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  1. (Raising hand!) I do that too. I would be way too embarrassed to pull out my Nikon on a date night, but my Sony point and shoot is perfect for throwing in my purse. I have large bags anyways, so I keep the Sony inside it's camera case and then I have it on hand for wherever we might be going. It actually takes some pretty great shots. I'm excited to read more about your thoughts on photography as you learn. :) I'm such a novice!

  2. I was just thinking about this the other night when I went to military wives meeting. I kind of wanted to take pictures but didn't want to pull out my big ole cannon. Hmm... if I tell my husband who just bought that camera for me a few months ago that we need another one... well... I am not sure what he'll say!! We still have our old camera but it is absolutely HORRIBLE.

  3. I have 3 cameras, one SRL, one Nikon D100-a pain, and my point and shoot...and you better believe I'm saving to get the camera that I want.
    I totally get this :)

  4. I let my husband lug the backpack around with his huge DSRL, I happily take my nikon to document everyday life.

  5. My father is a photographer. My whole life he's been carrying around some giant camera everywhere we go. LOL. I am used to the looks, and I mean he takes pictures of EVERYTHING!!! :)
    I'm a point and shoot women, looking for a new one right now. I would love to learn how to work a big DSRL but honestly its just one more thing to add to the list. one day though.


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