{Last} Fashionista Friday :: One Scarf - Three Outfits

I got a new scarf from Burlington Coat Factory.  It was $10 dollars.  The thing that is unique about it is that it is a big circle…a sewn together scarf that you wrap around your neck a couple times.  What I love most about it?  I saw similar scarves at Anthropologie for like 1,000 times more expensive.  Really…they were $10,000…DSC_0106Jacket: thrift storeDSC_0108 Without the jacket…

Sweater: JC Penny w/coupon

White shirt tucked in: hand me down

Skirt: JC Penny w/coupon

Leggings you can barely see: Target $14…a bit of a splurge but they are knit like sweaters…much warmer than my other leggings and fun detailing. 

Boots: Burlington Coat Factory (I get most of my boots here)DSC_0240Jacket: Macy’s on sale $40—used a gift card…rugged yet feminine…has ruffles on the collar

Jeans: Macy’s DKNY sale $30

Shirt: VS semi-annual sale (coming in January people! call or go in and they will tell you the day it starts…my mom and I go when they open at 6 or 7 am!)

Boots: Some 5 for $10 deal at some teeny bopper going clubbing shop…pretty cheap made but cute…my Good Feet arch supports helpDSC_0270 Dress: Kohl’s w/coupon

Leggings: Ross

Shoes: Ross

Earrings you can barely see: Grey ruffled flowers—Macy’s black Friday sale $3


Though Fashionista Fridays has been fun…the time has come for it to take a break.  I love sharing my frugal finds but the whole setting up the tripod and posing thing is getting a little old.  I do not have the same excitement for it as I did in the past so this is the last FF post for awhile…I will continue to try to sport and share where I got items in regular posts.  Thanks for understanding!  Love all you frugal fashionistas! xxoo