Not All Pictures Are Created Equally Part 2 :: Finding Photos That Match Your Home

If you missed yesterday’s post, I shared this:

As I was hanging some frames of our wedding pictures, I was thankful that I knew my “style” when I got married.  Our wedding and engagement photos are perfect shades of blues, greens, and natural browns and grays.  I did not realize how important this would be as the photos compliment my home decor so perfectly.  It is as if they were made for each other.  
I am constantly reminded every time I look at our engagement and wedding photos how perfectly they fit with our home.  I give credit to two factors:

1. A great photographer.  Thank you James Daly.
2. A sense of your own style all across the board.

To have great pictures you need a good eye behind the camera.  This can be found by a professional, a photo savvy friend, or a tripod if you have a good eye.  It also helps to edit the photos.  If you don’t know much about editing, I suggest to at least change your photos to black and white.
A sense of your own style…I am glad I was old enough and had enough decorating experience under my belt before I got married.  My wedding was a reflection of my home decor style.  Even our engagement pictures reflect my style.  Who knew that I would pick out a grey dress and ask my husband to wear blue to compliment the blue flowers on my dress.  The color choice of our wardrobe set the color tone for beautiful outdoor pictures.  And they match perfectly with my blue and gray walls.

My point here is that if you are going to spend money on decorating your home, consider investing in family photos.  They are timeless.  They reflect a moment of your story to always look back and remember.  They show life. 
There are so many beautiful homes I see in magazines, on blogs, in stores…but nothing makes a home more unique than being able to reflect the people who live in it.  This can even be done in items you use to decorate your a framed handkerchief from my wedding…or my husband’s guitars hanging on the wall.

Let your home tell your story…it will be a daily reminder of the life you get to live.