Save the Drama for Your Momma :: Setting Relationship Boundaries

DSC_0300I would say that one of the biggest things I have learned in my first year of marriage is that I do not have to deal with other people’s drama.  I have a long history of being drawn to people who “need” me, always wanting everyone to like me, and taking to heart people’s judgments and opinions. 
Now that I am married I feel like I have found a new sense of responsibility to myself and my husband.  We come first.  And in order to protect and grow our marriage it has to be that way.  I realize that this sometimes comes across as “mean” to some people but letting people walk all over me is also “mean” as well.  CIMG2872I have found myself continually trying to grow relationships with people who do not have the time or the willingness to make the same effort.  I spent time and energy trying to reconcile with difficult people.  And then I realized that while I was doing all of this, I was missing out on investing in people that really mattered…like my husband…and people who wanted to have a normal fun healthy friendship with me.  DSC_0475I have learned to step back.  I have learned to let go.  I have learned to let it not get to me.  In a sense I have learned to put up a wall of protection not letting people take advantage of me and realizing I am allowed to choose who I spend my time with. 
As a people pleaser this has been hard.  But this isn’t high school anymore.  I don’t need the drama.  I don’t have energy for the drama.  Instead I have real relationships that build me up, encourage, and support.  So save the drama for your momma.
Photos: People that get me
How have you set boundaries with difficult people in your life?