Battery Powered Tea Light Chandelier :: Bathroom Update

DSC_1053-1While thrifting recently I found this candle chandelier.  I am not a huge fan of candle chandeliers but for a few bucks, I thought I would give it a try.  I blinged it out with some crystals.
As you can see, above the mirror is your typical stock bathroom lighting.  Far from hideous but not even close to ideal.  I figured, if I add the candle chandelier, I still have normal lighting for when the bathroom is in use…but a bit more ambiance and fancy as well.  One of these days, I would love to wire a regular chandelier but I have yet to find one for a good deal and I am sure my husband is not looking forward to the day we rewire everything for it!  Definitely needs a little more bling…DSC_1049-1I got the idea from my neighbor who suggested putting battery powered tea lights in my over the sink kitchen chandy that I hang all my little measuring spoons from.  She is one of those neighbors who just knocks on your door and asks to come in to see your decorations.  Oh…you don’t have one of those neighbors?  I am pretty sure she is not a creeper so I think we are good…DSC_1061Anyways, I put in battery powered lights in this chandelier as well.  Keeps from blowing out real candles when the ac/heat is blaring.  I have never been a fan of battery powered lights but they are growing on me.  But I suppose that is what I thought about candle chandeliers as well. 
I love proving myself wrong all the time…and I love having neighbors comfortable enough to walk right into my house.
What decor elements have grown on you?  Do you have awesome neighbors?
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